Friday, February 1, 2008


I was thinking about some of the comments the pundits were making about Obama last night, specifically, how he is the Uniter. First of all, WHY would he even want that association given what happened with Bush who used that terms ad nauseum, who most definitely is NOT a Uniter! Second, why do they continue to call him that when, in almost the same sentence, they refer to his attacks against Clinton in his ralies? (And again, they had signed a pledge to run positive campaigns. Yeah. Uh huh.)

For instance, last night, the pundits were saying Clinton and Obama were acting like they did like each other, even though earlier in the day, and the day before, he was ripping on Clinton in his speeches. Apparently, with all of my edumacation, I am unclear on the definition of "Uniter." I thought it meant to bring people TOGETHER, but what the heck do I know??

I say this because if you look at what Obama's supporters say about Clinton, they tend to be pretty negative, and claim they will not vote for her. And why should they? Obama himself has sent them that message by saying in an INTERVIEW that Clinton's supporters will vote for HIM, but he does not think his supporters will vote for HER. Add to that the negative mailers filled with false information, and I just cannot understand why this man keeps getting these positive kudos all the time from the very people whose job it is to actually REPORT, not do PR.

Here's the thing: Clinton has CONSISTENTLY said that the Democratic Party MUST be unified, no matter WHO the nominee is so we can take back the White House from that interloper. Obama will shake his head yes when he is in front of the cameras at the debates, or when she is standing right beside him. But to his own followers, he does NOT tout that same message. I find that to be problematic. WHOEVER the nominee is, you can BET the Republican Party will bring out ALL the stops, and we WILL need all the votes we can muster. That means Obama needs to get on board, stop reaming Clinton in his speeches, and TRULY be a uniter, not just one who pays lip service to being a uniter. We have already had 7 yrs of THAT kind of leader. I sure don't want another one!

(I cannot help but wonder if this is a gender difference between them...I'm thinking about that. Any thoughts would be welcome!)

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