Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good News

FINALLY, a 527 has been formed to help Clinton with ads. It is a group primarily from CA that stared to think about forming a while back. My only question is: what the heck took so long??? Obama has had one for a while now. Clinton sure could have used more ads in WI, for instance. Whatever. I guess better late than never. Here's the link:

And below was a really good artcile from

Elizabeth L. Keathley | Hillary's Bias Problems Have Deep Cultural Roots
Writing for Women's eNews, Elizabeth L. Keathley says, "When Hillary conforms to the norms of feminine vocal comportment, she is too careful. When she raises her voice in passion, she is shrill. Lectern-thumping, emotionally charged rhetoric by a female candidate would be dismissed as hysterical. How, then, is a female presidential candidate to speak?"

And one more thing: There is an article in today about the Superdelegates and rigging the election: The Obamamaniacs are just going nuts over the whole Superdelegates issue. Never mind that Clinton has had a few more superdelegates jump ship, including someone from NJ, which she WON, btw. Grrr. But, frankly, I see little difference between the superdelegates and the caucus concept. The latter has been a real problem, from what I understand - swarms of people coming into caucuses who are not really a part of it, but make it clear for whom the delegates have to vote (wanna take a guess just who that might be??). It just seems to me that they two concepts are about the same - they are both a bit random. But the Obamatons just don't want to hear it - they want to make sure that if anyone is rigging this nomination, it's THEM, dammit!! Ahem. Just kidding! Kind of!!

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