Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yet Another Letter to Olbermann

Dear Mr. Obelbermann:

ENOUGH OF YOUR BLATANT BIAS FOR OBAMA!!!! CLINTON HAS BEEN GETTING A TON OF ENDORSEMENTS THAT YOU HAVE NOT MENTIONED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The National Nurses Assoc., representing 2.9 MILLION nurses! The Navajo Nation! The NY State Professional Firefighter's Association! And that is just in the past TWO DAYS! MSNBC has lost ALL credibility, and so have YOU!

And enough of hammering her on her Iraq response. Feel free to actually do a little fact-checking on why she didn't vote for the Levin Amendment, for instance. Her response was pretty clear. I am surprised that a man of your intellect is having such a difficult time understanding it.

Why don't you talk about Obama's maliciously false mailers he has been sending around in CT, Alaska, North Dakota and other states, or how he has CLEARLY violated their "positive campaign" pledge?? Why don't you do ANY SCRUTINY AT ALL into this man?? He keeps claiming he has great "judgment," but how great could it possibly have been given his 20 yr friendship with Rezko, AND His water-carrying for LIEBERMAN, one of the biggest war-hawks in the Senate! He campaigned FOR him AGAINST a MAJOR anti-war candidate in CT! TRY REPORTING THAT for a change!!!! Or maybe look at why in the WORLD he would choose the "Uniter" mantle?? Have you FORGOTTEN what happened the LAST time someone claimed to be so?? Obama is being INCREDIBLY divisive in the Democratic Party, as you showed in the opening lines of your show on 2/1, and you question that NOT AT ALL!!!!

STOP BEING OBAMA'S CHEERLEADER AND TRY FOR JUST A LITTLE OBJECTIVITY!! You are on the verge of losing a very faithful viewer, who has also purchased a number of your books for gifts, by the way. I have been one of YOUR biggest fans, but no more. You have COMPLETELY crossed the line - COMPLETELY!!

A former fan -
The Rev. Amy

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