Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here We Go Again...Email to Olbermann

With the skewed coverage on your program, Mr. Olbermann. You have footage, VIDEO footage, of Robert DeNiro endorsing Sen. Obama yesterday. Where was the sound bite form the radio show JACK NICHOLSON did with Sen. Clinton on yesterday? Yeah - that's right - not mentioned on YOUR show!! Or how about Wilma Mankiller, the FIRST woman chief of a MAJOR Native American nation (Cherokee) endorsing Clinton on Sunday? Or America Ferrera, a young Latina, stumping for Clinton and being a part of her Town Hall Across America? Yep - right again - not mentioned on YOUR show, the "All Hail Obama, All the TIME!" Feel free to use that as your new title, by the way.

Here's the thing - these celebrity endorsements should NOT be the deciding factor. This is NOT "American Idol," after all. This is for the most important job IN THE WORLD. When you start covering SUBSTANCE about Obama, like his incredibly weak bill on nuclear energy that did NOTHING to force oversight on nuclear energy, or his "flip flopping" on gun ownership, or his consideration of nucelar energy as an alternative to oil (something against which MANY Americans have fought), maybe THEN people can make a reasoned judgment (clearly, it is too late for Super Tuesday voters). Until then, you and the many MSNBC cheerleaders are doing this nation a great disservice. You are SUPPOSED to be NEWS journalists, not an extension of "Entertainment Tonight."For the umpteenth time, I am BEGGING you for some objectivity. Clinton and her positions have been scrutinized to DEATH; Obama's, not so much.

I want to keep watching you, I really do - but if this continues, you have lost a loyal viewer (and I have not just been a viewer, but have encouraged everyone I know to watch you).

The Rev. Amy

ADDENDUM: Nevada HAS NOT APPORTIONED its delegates yet!! STOP giving the majority of them to Obama!! They do NOT apportion them until APRIL!! The NY Times, AND the Nevada Democratic Party, have been very clear on this!Again, it is about objectivity. Haven forbid that you actuall give Clinton her due in winning NH, Nevada, FLORIDA...

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