Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Few Things...

So, it turns out that Clinton actually received more votes from DEMOCRATS last night in WI. WI as an open vote polcy, so anyone can vote for anybody, regardless of party affiliation (, so there's that. There has been a LOT of discussion online about Republicans and Independents determining the Democratic nominee, and there does seem to be some reality to those concerns.

The first primary in WA was a caucus one. The one last night were actual voters - about 3% separated the two frontrunners. That's it. The caucus numbers are pretty different, though. From what I just saw at the WA state site (, the parties could use a combination of the two primaries. They hold the second one to ensure that the people's voices are heard, since many people do not have the time or ability to be in a caucus. It will be interesting to see how the actual votes figure into the equation.

I have signed two different petitions to reinstate the votes of Florida and Michigan. As I have said, it is reprehensible for the DNC to dismiss the votes of over 2 million Democrats given that they had little or NO control over setting the primary dates. So much for Dean wanting to reach out to all states. Anywho - here are the petition links: and . If you are so inclined!


NOBama said...

So I signed the petitions--I hope that they do count the votes- some BHO supporters have said on some of the blogs that they will leave the party-- interesting that they are signing petitions about super delegates so their votes count-- Was it Stalin who said it doesn't matter how you vote, it just matters who counts the vote?

I had been reading about Rove's plan to get Obama elected as the Republicans think he will be easier to beat than Hillary. Supposedly the Republicans have been voting for Obama in open primaries as McCain has the nomination secured!

It is good to hear the media finally calling BHO on his fluff. I was talking with one of my Republican friends who shared bits of Rush's show with me. I hate to say that I agree with him, but on this issue I DO! OMG! He talked about the long speech last night and pointed out the inconsistencies -- The media do acknowledge that you can't count the CLintons out so let's do what we can!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I sent a letter to the DNC, too - I'll post that tomorrow.

Given that several states, including my own, escaped scott free from any penalties, it is rather shocking that JUST FL and MI would be treated this way. And the Obama people really need to be careful since, as I have said, HE CAMPAIGNED IN FL!!! And, he still got beaten in a LANDSLIDE!! I just read a post in which someone said it was just a "beauty contest" - the term the media was using, IMHO, to diminish Clinton's win. My point BACK was that if it was only a "beauty contest," wy did 1.7 million Dems in FL vote, breaking the record?? Sure sounds like they were expecting to have their votes count for something! But hey - what do I know?

I saw a post at Hillary's site from someone who watched his speech last night. They said it was difficult to watch him, and try to figure out what the heck eveyrone is seeing in him, but they felt they needed to check out his speech. THey said he talked hope, hope, hope, with empty promise after empty promise, for abt 40 minutes. Then, in the last 5 minutes, he basically took back everything he had just said, but the people didn't notice it.

I hear you abt the Rush thing - I started getting really scared when PAT BUCHANAN was the voice of reason on MSNBC! AAAAHHHHHH!!!! I could scarecly believe I was AGREEING with him, but he was the ONLY one who wasn't piling on Clinton!! In fact, he DEFENDED her to the other MSNBC commentators. It was really amazing. And sad.

Thanks for your thoughts!