Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Approach

Well, Senator Clinton has a new stump speech, according to the NY Times ( At last, she is kicking it up a notch, and standing up for herself. I am glad for it - it's about damn time! She is doing it in a way that is NOT a personal attack, but on the facts alone. As it should be. And not just in reference to her Democratic opponent, but her Republican opponent (McCain) as well. She is still talking about her policies, and her vast experience, but in a way that broadens the picture of how much she's done. She is incorporating more of her vision, and calling for us to do this together - together is the only way we can fix the damage done over the past seven years. Amen, sister.

I was thinking about this earlier, and just imaging what would be said about her if she had been leveling the same kinds of remarks as have been said about her. My bet is that she would be called a bitch, shrill, premenstrual, castrating, angry, cold, calculating, not playing by the rules, or resolving to dirty play. But she seems to have found the proper way to do it (not that she won't hear those things - people like Chris Matthews has already been saying them), a way that focuses on what is most important - empowering Americans who have been disempowered; pulling the poor out of poverty; making the health care industry BE a health care industry and not a deep well for insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. She is focusing on the environment, on finding renewable energy sources so that we can try to reverse the grave damage we have done to this planet. She is doing it through perserverance, strength of character, and commitment to make this country better than it is, better than it was. Hell to the yes.

Oh, one more thing - maybe since she is pulling in crowds in the THOUSANDS, it might silence the naysayers a bit about her popularity. Just maybe.

And if you are keeping score, she got a bunch more endorsements today - you can go to her website and see them all. Two endorsements are by Texas representatives, who are quiet influential in the state. Robert Kennedy, Jr. has a couple of ads, too, one with Cesar Chavez's grandson (Clinton mentions Robert Kennedy in her new speech, by the way). I admireRFK, Jr. greatly - he has worked TIRELESSLY on behalf of the environment. He's a good man. (And his sisters are no slouches, either - Kerry is a tireless human rights activist, who travels extensively for that cause. And Kathleen has been very successful in public life.)

Rock on, Senator!!

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