Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Senator Dodd...

Senator Dodd drank the Kool Aide, and jumped on the bandwagon. Here is my response to his email this morning:

Dear Senator Dodd:

I am deeply disappointed in your decision to support Barack Obama.

I am disappointed because Obama's campaign has included a number of negative, FALSE attacks on Senator Clinton, plagarising of not only Senator Clinton's positions, but others as well, not to mention his vicious attacks in his "mailers," the substance if which is largely false. Just this past weekend, his campaign was "busted" for sending out these grossly misleading attacks. So much for "Hope" and "Change" - it just looks like more of the same to me, only from someone who claims to be new to Washington (check out the YouTube.com comparison of John Edwards and Barack Obama - the latter parrots almost VERBATIM a speech Edwards gace in 2003). He may give lofty speeches, but within those speeches are a NUMBER of unfounded attacks on Senator Clinton. He has run a NEGATIVE campaign, as whined about superdelegates, has whined about Florida and the potentital of seating their delegates, even though HE WAS THE ONLY ONE TO CAMPAIGN THERE (maybe it is because he was so SOUNDLY beaten there), and claims attacks wehre there are none. In other words, he is much too much like George Bush to me.

Along those lines, our country has just gone through almost 8 years of a president who claimed to be a Uniter, who was given a pass by the media and its party with DISASTROUS effects, effects which will surely be felt for years to come. We need a president who can actually handle the tough choices, the one who has the respect of a number of mlitary officers, who can think on her feet, and come up with real solutions. We need a candidate who has a PROVEN track record, who has been VETTED, and who knows how to get the job done.

That is all to say, I respectfully disagree with your choice, and I am hugely disappointed in it. The disdain with which many supporters of Obama, as well as the media and the Democratic Party, have shown women in general, and Senator Clinton in particular, is reprehensible. The rampant sexism with which she is met, and which is then passed on to women and GIRLS in this country, is reprehensible. So your choice, sir, not only disappoints me, but saddens me. And it is this kind of choice which is making women leave the Democratic Party in droves. That you support a man who has been BLATANTLY sexist to Senator Clinton says a lot, and it is not good.

Please remove me from your mailing list.

The Rev. Amy

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