Friday, February 8, 2008

Not the Only One...

Who has quit MSNBC over the incredibly skewed coverage in which it has been engaging. I read a TON of posts at Huffington Post yesterday relating to a Craig Crawford piece (Crawford is the one who said recently that the anti-Clinton venom in this country borders on mental illness). Many, many people, have observed the same thing I have been saying, particularly about MSNBC. Many others feel let down by Olbermann, and disgusted by Chris Matthews. And, ok, I'll admit this now - many of us have found, much to our shock and dismay, that PAT BUCHANAN has become the voice of reason on MSNBA! How the FREAK did THAT happen?!?!?! I'm not kidding, which is what makes this particular confession so difficult...While everyone else is jumping on the Obama bandwagon, Buchanan has actually been very balanced about the Clintons. Could blow me away with a feather!

There were some pretty funny terms for Obama supporters, too - I was cracking up, I have to admit. Like "O-borg-a: Resistance is fu-tile!" Or, "Obamalamadingdongs." Or, "Obamabots." And then, "Obamaniacs." Aren't people CREATIVE?!?! :-) Seriously, the point of the terms was something else I have been saying - everyone jumps on the Obama bandwagon without LOOKING befoer they jump. They take everything Obama says at face value. His attack on Clinton for taking money from Washington lobbyists is a case in point if one just looks at Exelon, the nuclear energy lobby, you will see how much money Obama has gotten from just ONE group (,0,4656523.column), yet he throws up this smokescreen trying to implicate Clinton. Wow.

Oh - and I am not the only one who thinks he is arrogant, and quick to anger. Just sayin'.

So, the GOOD news is that, whether one supports Clinton or Obama, people are starting to call the MSM (Mainstream Media) on its incredibly biased coverage, and that is a good thing indeed!


ann said...

Great blog postings! I've been getting near hysterical with all the, "we have two great candidates" blather. From my perspective we do not -- we have one fantastic candidate and one who has attacked universal health care, resorted to sexist attacks and who professes unity while aggressively alienating half the democratic party.

I'm always a democrat...but, I'm not one of those Hillary supporters that Obama repeatedly says will, without question, vote for him if he's the nominee. What arrogance.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Amen, sister! I could not agree more!!