Saturday, February 2, 2008

On the Florida Vote

I saw the following in a NY Times article: "But some Obama supporters denounced Mrs. Clinton’s act as cynical (going to Florida after the polls closed) and urged voters and journalists to dismiss Florida as a meaningless beauty contest."

I'm sorry - but WHEN did one campaign get to dictate just HOW primary results were reported?? Even more, the Mainstream Media capitulated! The "beauty contest" phrase is EXACTLY how they categorized it!

How is it that the Obama Campaign is getting away with this? Because no one is holding them accountable, that's why.

As I have said, the VOTERS of Florida, with a record Democratic turnout, picked HRC, with almost 900,000 votes. How DARE the Obama Campaign minimize this by calling it a "beauty contest!"

And once again, on 2/1/08, Obama has claimed that he can get HRC's votes, but she can't get his. He shouldn't hold his breath for MINE - his constant attacks on her and blatantly false information is reminding me a whole lot of how Bush ran against McCain...Goddess knows, we do not need more of THAT kind of "uniting."

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