Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sad Event, and Dirty Tricks

Yesterday, in TX, a motorcycle police officer escorting Senator Clinton's motorcade, was killed when he hit a concrete partition. Senator Clinton cancelled her rally (over 2,000 people were already there) to go to the medical center to be with the police officer's family. Let us keep them all in our thoughts and prayers.

And Obama, the Great Uniter, is at it again. He is sending out mailers in OH falsely attacking Senator Clinton on NAFTA and her universal health care plan. As for NAFTA, Clinton has been opposed to many parts of NAFTA even before it got passed, opinions she has been free in expressing. Even Carl Bernstein, as I have noted before, and who is NOT a fan of Sen. Clinton's, said that she and the president had words over it. Obama is basing his attack on an unsubstantiated quote in Newsday. Newsday has claimed that the quote attributed to Senator Clinton is "misleading." For the latter mailer on her health insurance plan, he is using a modified "Harry and Louise" attack ad, one the insurance companies spent $17 million on to fight President Clinton's health care initiative back in the early '90's. And he flat out misrepresents Clinton's plan compared to his (Source for this information is:

Again, as I have noted previously, this has become SOP for the Obama campaign. Yet, the media is not COVERING these negative, false, maligning mailers. WHY?? Why are they not addressing his low-blow campaign tactics??

Oh - one more thing. The Wall Street Journal reported that a few Obama supporters have filed a complaint with the FEC over the recently formed 527 organization, the American Leadership Project ( They claim that Clinton is breaking the law by having them produce ads on her behalf. Okay - it is perfectly legal to have 527s - the OBAMA people have them, in fact, and have had them longer. Obama has them for the same reason - to pay for ads. As the article points out, the FEC is VERY slow to take these cases, and the complainants do not even CITE a particular instance. IN other words, they are just trying to give Clinton bad press.

I have to respectfully disagree with some of my fellow Democrats (like Hitchhiker, whose comment I posted). I cannot vote for this man. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, just like his mentor, Joe Lieberman. He uses dirty tactic after dirty tactic. For all of his talk, he is most DEFINITELY a politician, and not a very nice man, it would seem. Again, Clinton has NOT waged these kinds of attacks on him. Not even close.

And just for fun, since he attacked Clinton for using a phrase, while shaking her hand and smiling at her on Thursday night, claiming it was Edwards' (yeah, right - NO ONE but John Edwards has EVER said, "whatever happens, we'll be fine."), here's a little diddy on of Obama parroting Edwards. Check out his parroting of Deval Patrick, too. It WOULD be funny, if he wasn't claiming to be something he isn't. Anywho - here it is:

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