Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Clinton and Media Coverage

This morning, I read a good piece on how Clinton has been treated by the media, an issue about which I have written (a lot). The article, "In Search of the Real News in Primary Coverage,"is by Carol Jenkins, the president of the Women's Media Center. If you haven't already seen it, the article includes the very funny piece by Tina Fey, "Bitch is the New Black."

Here is the beginning of the article:
It was perhaps surprising to hear a presidential candidate reference the irreverent comedy workhorse, Saturday Night Live, in a nationally televised debate—but for those who’ve been tracking Hillary Clinton’s sometimes rough handling by the media, it made sense for her to bring it up.

This past Saturday’s SNL show (blessedly back, thanks to the end of the writers’ strike) had a couple of hilarious skits: one portraying swooning CNN correspondents in the last debate asking Barack Obama a tough question: Was he comfortable? Did he need a pillow?—while attacking Clinton. The other, a “Women’s News” segment with guest host Tina Fey using the “B” word liberally and proudly, in defense of Clinton, closing with the shout that “B… is the new black!”—or totally chic.

The show recognized what many observers had come to feel: that the media has conducted itself poorly and are worthy of parody. And watching Tim Russert, parodying himself last night, scowling eyebrows, raised voice, blustery manner and slightly weird questions—encapsulated what’s wrong with the media. Tim seemed to have the mistaken belief that he was the third debater, an impression only heightened after the debate when Chris Matthews repeatedly lauded Russert on “reeling in” Hillary Clinton with a question on her war vote. Increasingly the media has become the story—and not such a complimentary one. While the “serious” reporters and pundits were this morning condescending of Clinton’s mention of the comedy show, SNL’s take on the coverage seems at least as informative as what shows up on nightly cable shows.

Here is the link for the rest of the article:

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