Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a Night...

Wow. Very disappointing. And the love-fest with Obama continues. Once again, he was allowed to interrupt a speech by Clinton, right after she started, and then spoke for over 25 minutes. FREE AD TIME FOR OBAMA. I sure don't remember them giving CLINTON that kind of time when SHE won CA or MA or any of the other states she won! I am just at a LOSS as to how to deal with all of the media bias. It is just overwhelming.

AND - Clinton and Obama were VERY close in the Washington primary last nigt (Washington State has a three-part primary system). They were only separated by 3% when I finally went to sleep last night. I ran to my computer to check this morning, and she MOST be doing well, because both CNN and the NY Times have removed ANY tallies from Washington. I'm not kidding. I haven't been able to find them anywhere. CNN was showing it last night on television when I went to bed, too, so I know I wasn't seeing things. So where the heck did the numbers GO???? She must be doing well, right? Bizarre.

But there was one bright light, and Chris Matthews, of ALL people, was the one to bring it. He asked TX state senator and Obama endorser, Kirk Watson, what legislation Obama had passed. Watson couldn't anwer him. Well, no duh! Still, GOOD that SOMEONE is finally asking something of substance about this candidate. Here is the link to watch: And you can read about it at

Finally, I wrote Senator Edwards again, asking him to throw his support to Clinton. Her policies most mirror his, and surely, he has noticed the biased coverage as well as his blatant plagarism of Clinton's policy speeches (which, sadly, just doesn't seem to bother people - what has HAPPENED to this country?!?). If anyone else wants to write, his contact info is:

We gotta keep up the good fight, people...

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