Wednesday, February 27, 2008

About the Debate..

I wish Clinton had stuck to her guns and NOT done another debate on MSNBC. Once again, Russert could not contain his animosity toward her, and kept on trying for a "gotcha" moment, his MO. At least that is my understanding. I won't watch that network ever again. As I have written. Anywho - Matthews apparently crowed that Russert had landed a big one by getting Clinton to "admit" that she was wrong for her vote on Iraq, something she has said a bunch of times already. (Am I wrong that Russert was/is VERY supportive of the Bush Administration and the Iraqi invasion?? A quick Google search would seem to support that supposition...) Apparently, he would ask Clinton a question, then not let her answer it, going on and on himself. Or, he would demand a yes or no answer. She did stand her ground against him. Suffice it to say, from all that I have read, they simply relieved the SNL skit on how the media fawns all over Obama.

And Obama. Oh, boy. As I said at TalkLeft this morning, Obama's santimonious response that his campaign has been negatively targeted by Clinton but you haven't heard HIM whining about it was just one more example of him lying through his teeth. HIS campaign has been INCREDIBLY negative, sending out these mailers for months REAMING Clinton in every single speech Mr. Hope and Change gives, misrepresenting her policies, STEALING her policies claiming SHE Is plagarizing John Edwards the day after he warmly shook her hand and smiled at her in the debate when she said what he accused her of stealing (sorry for the roundabout sentence - Clinton said, "Whatever happens...Whatever happens, we will be fine." Because no one in the WORLD had EVER said those two things together but John Edwards!), and then he has the audacity to get on his high, arrogant, patronizing horse about HER running a negative campaign???

All I can say is if he succeeds in getting the nomination, with the MASSIVE help from the media (particularly MSNBC), I am SO writing in Hillary's name. I will not vote for this man. He's just another Dubya, IMHO.

And speaking of Dubya, that leads me to TX, which also has open enrollment and crossover voting. Apparently, the Republicans are getting quite organized about voting for Obama as a vote against Clinton. This is not unlike what happened in WI. Since McCain is their nominee, they are free to determine ours. This is a HUGE problem with the state Democratic leaders to allow this. Now,a dmitedly, there are a few Republicans who want to vote for Obama because they support him, but they are not part of this organized movement. Grrrr. I think Geraldine Ferraro's good editorial addresses all of this adequately, so I will not belabor the point, but it is disturbing...

So today is Chelsea Clinton's birthday - I am going to go make (another) donation to Hillary on her behalf! Care to join me? Happy Birthday Chelsea!!

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