Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh, McCain...

How could he turn his back on his own horrendous experiences? That McCain, of all people, would vote against a prohibition on torture is just plain shocking. Truly. After all he has said on this topic, to then capitulate to the rabid Republicans (and Lieberman) is simply reprehensible.

And Lieberman. Obama's mentor. Also voted against the torture ban. And here's a big surprise - not - the media has said NOTHING about their close association. Or that Obama helped this folksy-style war-monger beat Ned Lamont in CT.

Wow. That the vote on this was so close - 51-45 - is a stain on our country. And Obama's good buddy helped to make it close.

And McCain - whatever respect I had for him is completely lost. He appears to be lost, too - so desperate for the presidency that he sold his soul. That is just tragic.

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