Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why Is It.

That the talking heads, especially Keith Olbermann, as well as others on MSNBC and CNN, are suggesting Clinton should drop out of the race?? Or why they keep sayinig that Clinton's pwerful and moving closing at the debate on Thurs. night was her swan song? She is VERY close in delegates to Obama (would be closer still if they counted FL and MI). Nevada has not even committed its delegates yet, and she won Nevada. And there are a bunch of states yet to go. She is not giving up, and neither are we. We want a president who can think for herself, who can speak eloquently extemporaneously, not just when someone writes something for him (or he steals it), who DOES have real solutions, and has the best interests of the people as her driving force.

I might add, I sure don't remember them hammering away at Huckabee, who is nowhere CLOSE to McCain in delegates, about dropping out. But Clinton, who IS close?? Oh yes - by all means, she should just give up (then they would hammer her for giving up and disappointing her supporters). Just sayin'.

Clinton has a great oppotunity to win PA, TX, and OH - I hope the people for whom she has worked so tirelessly do not stab her in the back (again). Let's hope they don't fall for the smoke and mirrors of Obama, or his negative, false attacks on Clinton. Hey, one can hope that people will not be taken in by this guy. A girl can dream anyway!

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