Thursday, February 21, 2008

To the DNC

There is a movement afoot to write the DNC directly regarding FL and MI. I learned a LOT about how the DNC, particularly Howard Dean and Donna Brazile, changed the rules after the fact to strip FL and MI of ALL votes. I had wondered why the DNC didn't do what the RNC does - only give 50% of the votes if a state does its primary too early. Lo and behold, the DNC DOES. Just not for FL and MI. I can understand only giving MI its 50%, but FL did everything the rules required for its primary, since the date was set by the Republicans, and yet they get NO votes counted. Meanwhile, SC (as well as IA and NH) got off completely. I have heard that SC was allowed to do so because they wanted to see how Obama did down here. Sounds like the DNC is a bit biased, TOO!! I don't think they should be counting on any more contributions from me - if things don't change and fast. Just sayin'.

Dear DNC:

I am a long-time Democrat, and frequent contributor.

I am writing with a concern, and that is this: the disenfranchisement of over 2 million Democratic voters in FL and MI. I do not understand the DNC punishing Democrats for decisions made by Republicans, as is the case in FL. To take away the votes of SOME Democrats while allowing other states to VOLUNTARILY vote early is not only illogical, but it is clearly disparate treatment. Why whould Iowa, NH, and SC be allowed to vote early with NO PENALTIES, yet FL and MI are accessed incredibly HARSH penalties?

Moreover, I do not understand why you changed the rules AFTER THE FACT and elected to seat NONE of the delegates, as opposed to 50% of the delegates as the rules originally stated. How do you justify that stand?? It would certainly seem that you are showing tremendous favoritism to certain states, and callous disregard for other states, as well as their citizens. Again, how can you POSSIBLY justify this, and expect to keep this Party together?

Seat ALL of Florida's delegates. All of the candidates' names were on the ballot, and only BARACK OBAMA violated the "No Campaign" pledge in Florida by airing tv and radio ads, yet the people made their choice ABUNDANTLY clear - by a LANDSLIDE!! There is no reason at ALL to punish Florida for decisions made by REPUBLICANS! That makes this decision DOUBLY offensive.

Michigan's delegates should also be seated. Give Senator Clinton her delegates, and Obama the "Undeclared" delegates. That would be a fair solution.

What is NOT fair is to throw away one of the most PRECIOUS rights we have as Americans - the right to VOTE. That is precisely what the DNC has chosen to do. I find that to be REPREHENSIBLE.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the way the DNC has dealt with this situation. Again, LONG time member, and frequent contributor in the past, though further donations are certainly in doubt at this point.

I am also disappointed that I have heard NOTHING from you regarding the INCREDIBLY biased treatment of the media to the Democratic candidates (Edwards was COMPLETELY ignored), especially now. Obama gets 45 minutes of FREE AIR TIME on the cable news shows last night, interrupting Clinton just as she started to speak; over 30 minutes on Super Tuesday - ALL FREE AIR TIME, and those are just TWO examples. Clinton has REPEATEDLY received negative, and SEXIST, commentary by the media, while Obama has been declared the media darling. I, for one, do not appreciate the media picking my candidate FOR me. WE are supposed to pick our candidates, based on their records and their performance, NOT the MEDIA. How many calls have YOU made to the FEC about equal time???

Do the right thing, what the DNC SHOULD have done in the first place - SEAT THE DELEGATES, ALL of the Delegates, in FL. As for MI, DO THE RIGHT THING and FOLLOW THE DNC RULES - seat 50% of the Delegates. Anything less is a disgrace to the Democratic National Committee, and the Party as a whole.

The Rev. Amy

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