Friday, February 8, 2008

Holy. Freaking. COW!!!

I just saw the following article at about David Shuster of NBC and MSNBC. My head is about to explode. Read this first, and below is my letter to Steve Capus, president of MSNBC< and Phil Griffin, Senior VP of MSNBC News:

Again, Holy Freakin' COW.

Now, for my letter:

Dear Mr. Capus:

It has come to my attention that David Shuster, a reporter whom I held in some regard, on 2/7/08, has referred to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as a pimp, and by extension, her daughter, a whore. His exact quote was: "But doesn't it seem like Chelsea's sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?" He said this in regard to Seantor Clinton's daughter campaigning for her, the FIRST viable woman candidate IN OUR HISTORY! FOR CAMPAIGNING FOR HER! I dare say, he has not made the same kind of comments regarding Huckabee's children, or Edwards' children (especially Cate). This is far, far beyond the pale, sir. The constant barage against Senator Clinton, and now her DAUGHTER, is simply reprehensible.

On what planet is this acceptable language for a JOURNALIST on a NEWS program? In what world do your reporters live that they think they can get away with saying such BLATANTLY sexist, if not misogynistic, comments?

These kinds of reprehensible comments, just like the ones from Chris Matthews, reflect directly upon YOU. It has been under your direction that these journalists and anchors have been allowed to get away with such despicable comments ON THE AIR. That he apologized this morning, after receiving complaints such as this, is the LEAST that can be expected of him. It does not change that he said it, and would have thought nothing of a retraction had he not received such complaints.

As a result of this latest attack, and many others befoe it, I have lost ALL respect for MSNBC. I am hardly alone. Take a look at the posts at Huffington Post sometime, and see how your network is now regarded (I'll save you some trouble - it is considered to be the flip side of Fox News, and that is one of the milder criticisms.). What you have done to a previously decent network is nothing short of shocking.

And you will lose more viewers still for allowing this type of blatant misogyny to be spewed on your network. Rightly so.

The Rev. Amy


Suzy said...

I am SO over that network!

MSNBC now equates to the following for me:





ann said...

When I talk to people about the sexism that is daily played out in the media and directed at Hillary, they often ask, "What sexism?"

How could I have been so deluded to think that we had come so far?

prositps said...

Thank you Rabble Rouser, I was directed here via "the friends of hillary group" I joined...well, I've been reading your posts, and I could swear you've been reading my mind!!!
Thanks, and keep it up!
I do not want to be preached to, I want to be listened to...HILLARY IS THE CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS...

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, All -

Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it!

And welcome, Susanclare!

I know - it really is disturbing the level of sexism that has been tolerated on a fairly high level for a pretty long time now. Sorry to say that you have more examples you can share with people, Ann. Sigh...

marilyn said...

You'll love this one. A little background... my roommate's father is just a *tad* sexist -- they fight about it all the time and have for years. Yet he is a Clinton supporter, and just recently had a revelation about sexism... that Clinton is so ultra-qualified, and yet all these white men are voting for Obama. He figures if people won't vote for her, it really must be because peoples' prejudice against women overrides their sense, and in this case even overrides their racism. Gee, maybe it really *is* harder for women to get taken seriously. If he gets it, it must be pretty blatant.

So here's the punch line: yesterday he called Sen. Clinton's campaign office to ("helpfully") tell them that she should wear skirts more often.

Lord God above. Progress is slow, is it not?