Monday, February 18, 2008

What a Uniter - Haha

I received an email from an old friend of my Cousin Ellen's, also an Education professor, down in Florida. She included some very interesting links, including the one below by Larry Johnson. Johnson, as you might recall, was a fellow classmate of Valerie Plame Wilson's at the CIA. This is an interesting piece, with one disclaimer - he mentioned Kerry throwing his medals over the wall during the Vietnam War. Kerry did not - he threw the RIBBONS from his medals over. I have no love lost for Kerry, but felt this should be clarified. I know it makes a big dfference to military people. Anywho - here is the article:

Also from Huffington Post: Quote of the day: Obama on Clinton
"I understand that Senator Clinton, periodically when she's feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal."

--Sen. Barack Obama speaking about Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign tactics to reporters on Friday, as quoted by the Associated Press.

-- Katharine Mieszkowski

Wow - what a nice guy! Oh, but wait - there's more (and this was one in particular mentioned by the Ed. prof., who also said she can just IMAGINE what would have happened had Clinton said ANYTHING like this about Obama):

And finally, this piece. Now, the piece is good - but check out some of the comments. If there is any doubt that sexism is a love and well, if the "Got Pimp" type comments, or the other offensive things said about Clinton detailed here, just take a look at the comments. Holy Cow. Anywho - here's the article links:

Thanks, N, for all of the good information - it really came in helpful in my jetlagged state!

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