Monday, February 4, 2008

"Women's Rights are HUMAN Rights..." and Krugman on Health Care

So said Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1995.

I just read a stirring piece by Robin Morgan, the well-known feminist and author. I highly commend it to EVERYONE: . I'm not kidding - I was moved to tears by what Clinton said in 1995 in China. If you think she isn't eloquent, it is because you aren't listening. Anyway, Morgan's piece is outstanding. Her piece, as well as numerous comments for the Stanley Fish piece in the NY Times today, "All You Need Is Hate," highlights that Clinton most definitely is fighting misogyny - things said about her would NEVER be tolerated if they were said about a person of color, for instance. Yet, people - pundits, "news" reporters, family, friends - make incredibly sexist remarks ab0ut Clinton, without repercussion. Truly sad.

Health Care Proposals: Paul Krugman had an outstanding column in today's NY Times in which he highlights the difference between Clinton's and Obama's health care plans ( . I'll make it simple for you: Clinton's would cost $2,700 per person, and Obama's will cost $4,400 a person. Her's will cover EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY; his won't.

Let's recap: her's will cover EVERYONE and cost LESS; his will NOT cover everyone, and cost MORE. Gee - no wonder he's doing so well! Ahem. Maybe if the freakin' mainstream media would actually DISCUSS important issues like this rather than how "attractive" or "funny" they think he is, or about his celebrity endorsers, the polls wouldn't be so close! (And again, Clinton has them, too - they are just never acknowledged.)

Like I said - doing one's homework is IMPORTANT, people! We're not running a "Most Popular" contest, we are trying to find a presidential candidate who can RUN the country, and can move us away from the disastrous policies of Dubya. Their platforms actually do matter.

OK - and just for fun, this is a great video of Clinton's speeches, with one of KT Tunstall's songs as the background:

(The link for Robin Morgan's piece and the youtube one both came from people making comments on the Stanley Fish article - thanks to both of those contributors!!)


Connie said...

Thank you! I'm learning a lot from your ruminations.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...
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Connie said...

Why? What's a poor hillary-ite to do?

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Keep speaking up, keep speaking out!