Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama, the VA, and the Wounded Warrior Act

Again, it is really amazing the things that have NOT been investigated, or pressed, on Obama. And the lack of acknowledgement for what HAS been done by Clinton. This post was in response to the debate on 2/26 (in which Obama claimed he was in the midst of a heated Senate Race in Illinois - against ALAN KEYES. Alan Keyes - who was a last-minute replacement for the Republican primary winner caught in a sex scandal. Heck, my CAT could have beaten Alan Keyes because she is, well SANE!!! Oh, but wait, there's more - he claimed it was in the midst of this that he gave his great speech...Maybe if he is a TIME TRAVELER!!).

Anywho - this addresses some of the issues that have NOT been raised, like his not calling ANY meetings for the committee charged with European oversight and NATO, and focuses a LOT on the VA and wounded veterans. I respectfully ask that you give it a read...

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