Sunday, February 10, 2008

Huckabee?? Please...And More on MSNBC.

Are you freakin' KIDDING ME?!?! This man is NUTS!!!! IMHO, that is. He DID say, though, that people with AIDS should all have to live together when he was the governor of AR. AND, signed onto a huge-o ad in the NY Times saying that women should be submissive to their husbands. AND, just recently, that if HE becomes president, he will work to amend the US Constitution to make it more in line with God's standards (I KID YOU NOT - here it is: This is the man who just took two states yesterday (not that I like McCain at all, but at least he isn't a complete fundamentalist anti-democratic candidate.

Here's the interesting thing - Huckabee and Obama have won pretty much the same areas. Like in Florida - the counties Obama won, Huckabee won. Then Kansas and Louisiana. I'm just sayin', I think it is an interesting correlation. Someone should do some research on this!! Ahem. Seriously - it does seem a bit odd.

Along those lines, the media has continued to give Obama unfettered access to the airwaves. His speeches fill the time, and when he isn't on, they'll have his wife. Like his wife on Larry King (who is a bit nuts himself). How can Clinton POSSIBLY continue to fight against this tidal wave of either negative or nonexistent coverage?? (Frank Rich had an obnoxious piece about her again this week, particularly regarding her Town Hall Forum. He and Maureen Dowd should form their own NY Times, "We Despise Hillary Clinton" fan club - wait, it seems they already have.) If all people see is Obama's smiling face and oratorical ability, and hear close to nothing about Clinton (or crap about her), why WOULDN'T people go for Obama?? I'm tellin' ya - he's going to get swept in, and THEN the media will start asking more questions.

Speaking of questions - on the way out to San Diego today, I sat near a man from NC who is a BIG Edwards fan, and supported him. And he, too, dredged up Obama's BIG talking point about Clinton voting for that damned resolution. Well, SO DID EDWARDS, yet HIS feet were rarely held to that fire - it was all Clinton,a s if she single-handedly took our troops to war. This is yet another CRITICAL difference in how she has been treated by Obama AND the media.

How do we stuff the media's biased reporting??? One outstanding source for media oversight is Media Matters (, which often has lots of links to contact the big muckety mucks at different news outlets. Sometime, I'll go into how it was founded. For now, there is an excellent outline of NBC/MSNBC's history of tolerating sexism and misogyny, including the recent deplorable comments by David Shuster (and good for Olbermann - he did say Shuster's comments were horrible). It was compiled by the founder of Media Matters, David Brock. Here's the link:

OK - I'm jetlagged and plumb tuckered out, as we say down South, so that's it for now.

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