Friday, February 15, 2008

Chafee, Lewis, FL, and Superdelegates

OK - so now Lincoln Chafee, the former Republican senator from RI, has endorsed Obama. Holy cow - can you IMAGINE the hew and cry from Democrats across the land if he had endorsed CLINTON???? They would have said, "SEE?? Told you she was really a Republican!!" And on, and on. But Obama? They'll say, "See?? We TOLD you he was a Uniter!" GRRRR.

And John Lewis, Clinton's longtime friend and ally, jumping ship on her is insulting at best. The headlines are reading, "Black leaders abandon Clinton" - stgill want to tell me this isn't a racially divided contest? Yeah, sure, okay. Again, never mind how much Clinton has done for the African American community her entire adult life. The first time she asks for their support, they abandon her. Great. Really shows these leaders for who they are, and who they are showing themselves to be has made me lose a LOT of respect for them.

Then there's Florida. So, the media would have you believe that the Florida Democrats decided to take it to the Party and hold their elections early. Not so. It was because of the REPUBLICAN Party in FL that their primary was so early. Are you seriously going to tell me that you are going to disenfranchise 1.5 MILLION Dermocrats because of something the REPUBLICANS did? And despite Obama's hypocrtical cry that it would be unfair since they didn't campaign there, he DID campaign there, AND HE LOST!!! He is such a petulant, sore loser. Really, really reminds me of our current WHite House occupant. If he doesn't win, he throws a hissy fit. Again, grrrr.

And then there is the whole outrage over the Superdelegates and the role they will play. has a whole petition drive going to ensure that the delegates vote the will of the people. Well, guess who has given them $694,000 to make SURE they vote "the will of the people"?? That's right - BARACK OBAMA!! Mr. "Change and Hope, not the usual Washington Insider!" Since 2005!!! Yep!!! Oh, and Clinton? $195,500. Those are the numbers. Here's the link: So maybe those Obamamaniacs oughta shut the hell up al;ready since THEIR candidate is the one who has been buying the most influence!!! I guarantee you - they will find a way to spin this, too. No doubt.

Oh, and funny - I don't recall the NY Times or Washington Post or LA Times or any of the big papers running this information. What a big ol' surprise. I guess SOMEONE is starting to pay a little bit of attention, but I fear it will be too late to make a difference.

Along those lines, Chelsea Clinton has started a campaign to have 1,000,000 phone calls in three weeks!! If you have some time to volunteer, it is easy as all get out to make calls for Clinton. Just go to, and go to the Action tab. You'll see the place to make calls. They set the whole thing up for you - you just read it off the computer screen. Couldn't be easier! Let's go, Hillary!

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