Friday, February 1, 2008

Move On Over...ADDENDUM

So, Move On members have endorsed Obama. There's a big surprise - NOT!! Now, I admit right off the bat that I AM a member of Move On, and have supported them quite a bit. But here's the thing: yes, Obama was against the Iraqi invasion from the start, as was I. Since then, as I have said a hundred times now, he has voted to keep funding it. AND, instead of stumping for a MAJOR anti-war candidate, Ned LaMont of CT, he campaigned AGAINST him to keep his mentor, and RABID war hawk, Joe Lieberman, IN the Senate! OK - so Joe's his guy - an incredibly conservative Bush hanger-on. So WHY would Move On members endorse someone like this? For the reason I have also mentioned a hundred times, because NO ONE IS CHECKING HIS RECORD OR RELATIONSHIPS!!!!! He is NOT as liberal as he is making himself out to be, or that his followers are thinking he is, or as the media is depicting him as, nor is he as removed from the Washington scene, or removed from "politics as usual" as he pretends to be.

Time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid people, and remove those rose-colored glasses, while you are at it. Obama is not the Second Coming. I'm tellin' ya - I got me an M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in New York City [it's best if you hear the voice of the guy doing the El Paso salsa commercial for the "New York City" thing] - so I know all abt the second coming thing! Obama ain't it.

Neither is Clinton (see? I can be objective! Hahahahaha!!!!!), but she doesn't CLAIM to be something other than what she is. She has done more for women and children, not just in this country, but on a global scale, than Obama could ever DREAM of doing (if he even CARED about doing anything), so if that was the ONLY claim on which she ran, she'd get my vote. But the health care thing is very important to me - thanks to my partner's progressive company, I FINALLY have decent health care, but a bout with ovarian cancer left me without any coverage for 10 YEARS. And then, since the policies I could get wouldn't cover ANYTHING I had, I would have been better off leasing a Porsche or something and at least have a little fun!!. So, my chronic knee problems were not covered. Oh, or arthritis. Or any kind of cancer at all. Or anything related to breast disease. Well, peachy - all the things for which I NEEDED it. Her policy is head and shoulders above Obama's.

I've already mentioned some others, but here's one more: while Clinton thinks same-sex marriage is a state's rights issue, at least she thinks it should be POSSIBLE. Clinton can talk about homosexuals without looking like she's about to turn green. She, and her husband, have tried to do more for our community than anyone else in the White House, that's for darn sure! I know, I know - Don't ask, Don't tell - Bill Clinton will tell you that when he and Colin Powell hammered out this agreement - with a MAJORITY Republican Congress, remember - the point was for members of the military to be able to serve without fear of retribution, something that was NOT the case previously. Previously, if someone was suspected of being a homosexual, not only would they be forced out, but they would be threatened with legal action if they did not expose OTHERS they knew were homosexual. So, it was SUPPOSED to help, not hurt. After Colin Powell left, things went haywire. Not a perfect solution by ANY means, but she has promised to abolish the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" provision, and I believe she will! Just sayin'!

ADDENDUM: Move On chose to make a decision based on approximately 10% of its entire membership, hardly a full sampling. Moreover, it was NOT a scientific sample. ANYONE could vote. It was inappropriate for them to make this decision given the lack of safeguards in voting. IMHO, that is.

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