Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You Gotta Be KIDDING Me!!

Why did Obama win CT? According to the NY Times, because of the Ned Lamont Coalition ( THE NED FREAKIN' LAMONT Coalition! The same one AGAINST whom Obama stumped for LIEBERMAN in CT!!!(

And even more, Lamont is the co-chair of Obama's campaign in CT! WHAAAA??? Talk about politics and strange bedfellows. This makes no sense at ALL to me! How does Lamont justify that? Obama continues to fund the war, and just because he says he was opposed to it 5 years ago, when he wasn't even in the Senate, that is reason enough to forgive him stumping against you?? Reminds me of the Bush/McCain thing in 2004 - yuck!!

I guarantee you - if McCain ends up being the Republican nominee, he will CERTAINLY bring up Obama stumping for Lieberman against Lamont. McCain and Lieberman are very close, as the latter's stumping for McCain should indicate. You better BELIEVE he knows the history there, and McCain holds NO punches. He will GLADLY expose this relationship, to Obama's, and the Democratic Party's, detriment (should he become the nominee).

Sheesh - this just blows me away...

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