Friday, February 29, 2008

Strong Arming

Okay, so it seems that MANY African American Congresspeople are being threatened, strong armed, and ridiculed for not switching from Clinton to Obama. As you may know, John Lewis did just that earlier this week. I guess the pressure from Jesse Jackson, Jr. was just too much for him, along with the threat of supporting a challenger became a reality (a 30 yr old minister). So, he caved. Given the long, long, long friendship he had enjoyed with the Clintons, his switch was reprehensible. And Jesse Jackson, Jr., has turned out to not exactly be who I thought he was, since he is the one who said they would get young challengers if they didn't line up behind Obama. Wow. Let's just say he isn't the nicest guy. As is pointed out in the article, no one is demanding that Senators Kennedy and Kerry join up behind Clinton after she won MA by a LOT. Interesting!! Gee, can you say "double-standard"??? So, here is an article from about the pressure the AA leaders are facing:

Now - how about Obama and NAFTA? First there is his making positive movement in OH based on his mailers falsely slamming Clinton. This kind of thing just gripes me big time - he is LYING about her positions, and the people are BUYING it! How can that be??? Well, then it comes out on CTV (that "C" is for Canada) that one of Obama's aides told the Canadian ambassador that Canada, which has benefitted quite well from NAFTA, doesn't have to worry about Obama's stated position on NAFTA because, well, he doesn't mean it. It's only what he is telling the VOTERS, not what he really plans to do.

Um - yeah, okay. So - isn't this the same crap with which we have been living for the past 8 years?? Someone who says one thing to get elected, then says and does something COMPLETELY different after in Office?? As someone pointed out at in response to this just being "politics as usual", how is that different from Bush lying about WMD in Iraq to get us embroiled in this invasion in Iraq? It is not, in my opinion. Obama is proving himself to be EVERYTHING he claims he is not. Some of us picked up on that already, but really - what the heck business does he have to contact the Canadian ambassador before he even has the nomination ANYWAY??? His arrogance is staggering. Oh - he has denied all of this, of course. CTV came out with the name of the aide today, so I guess the ball is back in Obama's court!

And then, he attacked Clinton saying that he would work so much better with the Republicans than he has. Oh, really? Because according to the CLinton Campaign, in the past three years, she has offered 53 bills that had Republican co-sponsors, and Obama has had 24 ( Never mind that he attacked her when she questioned his unqualified support of Reagan as sucha great president, and called the Republicans the "party of ideas," saying he didn't say they were good ideas, and he wasn't saying Reagan was a good president. So, which is it, Barack? Was he or wasn't he? Were the Republcians having good ideas during Clinton and Dubya's administrations or not?!?! I have no love lost for Kerry, but holy smokes - how is it HE got the moniker of "Fip Flopper," and Obama HASN'T?!?! It is just ridiculous. And just HOW does Mr. Unifier think he is going to unite the DNC after he has gone after Clinton so often, and usually, on such false pretenses?? Yeah. Exactly. We'll just see how it goes. And hopefully, the media will do its job JUST A TAD and really cover this CTV/NAFTA thing. Hope springs eternal!!

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