Friday, May 9, 2008

Why I Won't Vote For Obama

A big tip of the hat to Iphie, who was posting over at TalkLeft Friday night, for linking the following photograph:

People forget just what a struggle it was for women to get the vote. Women were attacked, beaten, imprisoned, and even killed. This is fairly recent history, in the scheme of our country. As a result, many women, myself included, do not take our vote lightly. So, when Democrats continue to attack Senator Clinton, once again comparing her to Glenn Close's character in "Fatal Attraction" (today, Rep. Cohen, from TN), to go along with Clinton being compared to the "Psycho Ex-Girlfriend of the Democratic Party" (two male bloggers - if you really want their names, I'll give them to you, but frankly, they don't deserve any more exposure, IMHO), and the sanctioned sexism and misogyny of the Democratic National Party, they can pretty much count this self-respecting woman out. I will not give up my vote lightly - it was too hard a fight to get to give it away just because the DNP wants women/me to support their hand picked, less qualified candidate over the woman who runs CIRCLES around him; when they all seem to expect that the can run down our candidate, run down US, and we will simply take their abuse, giving up our precious vote because they tell us to do so. No. Not this woman. Not for this candidate. Not for this Party. No. The mistreatment they have handed down will not be simply forgiven and forgotten, not any time soon. This self-respecting woman will vote for the one who respects ME - and that person is Hillary Clinton. No one else will do.

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