Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Letter To James Carville

I was SHOCKED when I saw the quote below from James Carville in the NY Times. What the HELL is the matter with him??? If you feel compelled to write him, his address is:

Dear Mr. Carville:

Let me say that I have long enjoyed your participation in the Democratic Party, and thought your comments to Bill RIchardson about being a Judas were right on target.

And perhaps those same words apply to you given your statement to the NY Times regarding Obama as the presumptive nominee: “I think it’s likely Obama is the nominee, but not certain,” said Mr. Carville, the Democratic strategist who worked for Mr. Clinton in the 1992 campaign and is close to the couple. “I would have preferred another result but I’m going to be for him...“Everybody is going to be with Obama,” he added, referring to Clinton staff and supporters. “I have an undated check written out for Obama. I’ll send it when this is over.” (

WOW. With friends like you, Mr. Carville, Senator Clinton sure does not need any enemies.

I am a lifelong Democrat (I am 50), but I will be leaving the Party after its horrendous leadership this year. Dismissing 2.5 million voters in FL and MI to intentionally bolster one (;esser) candidate over another (much more qualified) candidate was reprehensible enough (not to mention the level of sexism that has gone unchallenged by ANYONE in the upper echelons of the DNC). When people who claim to have Senator Clinton's best interests at heart undermine her on the eve of one of her biggest wins, well, it is clear to me that the DNC is doing all it can to push the wrong candidate on the Party. I assure you - not EVERYBODY is going to go for Obama. I, for one, will not support this arrogant junion senator who demeaned the only two term Democratic president we have had in YEARS on a regular basis, who engaged in constant race-baitng, who wants to return to the Foreign Policy of George H.W. Bush, who has convened NOT ONE MEETING of the subcommittee charged with oversight of AFGHANISTAND AND NATO, and who has attacked Senator Clinton's CHARACTER, not her policies, day in and day out. No, sir. I will NOT be supporting Obama. And I am not alone.

The DNC has forgotten its base. The DNC has accepted, and even promoted, blatant misogyny and sexism. The DNC has lost its way. And it has lost this member.

The Rev. Amy


Mary Ellen said...

I was shocked by what Carville said, too. I also heard that Paul Begala said the same thing that day. I have no idea what's going on. The only thing I worry about is that Hillary is planning to drop out. Why she would do that after dumping $10 million into her campaign is beyond me. I'm so frustrated with the whole mess, I don't know what to think. I want to be excited about this trouncing Obama took, but I know that all it will take is for him to win Oregon, and the SD's will go flooding to Obama again, possibly to the point where they knock Hillary right out of the race and she will have to concede. I think a lot of the SD's are waiting to see if FL and MI will be seated. They probably figure they can lay low and that way they won't look like they are handing the race over to Obama. If they wait until they are sure that Hillary can't win, then they'll come crawling out of their holes.

I have no idea what they are thinking..when it's obvious that Hillary can beat McCain and with Obama it's very "iffy". I think they are sure that Hillary's supporters will come out to support the Democratic party and Obama. I hope they are wrong. I hope that all who say they will not vote Obama no matter what, really mean it and don't chicken out at the last minute. I certainly am serious and there is no way in hell I will support Obama or any other Dem on the ticket if they hand this over to him.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I don't know what the hell is going on with them, either. All I can say is I guess when Carville called Richardson a "Judas," it was a "takes one to know one" moment.

It really feels like the men are piling on against Clinton. When Edwards jumped on that bandwagon, just a couple of days after he said he would not endorse (and lo and behold, he had a big-ass email delivery), I realized that he really is all talk, and no walk. CLEARLY, Clinton has been winning the demographic EDWARDS claimed for his own, yet he endorses Obama, who cannot win that demographic at ALL. They clearly promsed him something major, like using their email list and stuff. And how abt when people booed when he said nice things abt Clinton, and OBama grinned? WHO is tearing apart this party?? Obama is, that's who.

I hope, too, people remember by November. There is no way in hell I will ever vote for this man. I have been active in politics for years and years, but I gotta tell you - this year is taking it out of me, particularly because of the way they are treating Clinton and her supporters. The rampant sexism/misogyny that NO ONE in the Obama camp or DNP is calling out. Yeah, they can bite me.