Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton West Virginia Primary Victory Speech

This is another great speech by Senator Clinton. She won BIG in West Virginia last night, and it was NOT just symbolic. She won big despite Obama outspending her 2 - 1. No matter that he will claim he did not campaign there - he did. He had a ton of ads, and a ton of volunteers there. He had more campaign offices than Clinton there. And he lost BIG TIME. So, no, this is not just a symbolic victory. It matters, and it matters a LOT, especially when FL and MI are counted into the numbers. Despite Donna Brazile saying that Obama will clinch the nomination on May 20th when he hits 2025, the nomination is NOT decided until the COnvention in AUGUST. Her coronation of Obama is simply premature, and based on erroneous logic (though she has done her BEST to give this to Obama by demanding that FL and MI should not count at all). And the DNC needs to make that clear. The number needed is 2209 - and Clinton can get there. Clinton is the ONLY one that can win the states that need to be won. Hopefully, this tremendous victory will make the SuperDelegates think twice before endorsing Obama (or it should). Hopefully, it will make them realize that Clinton is the only one who can beat McCain. And she is. And she WILL.

Great job, Senator Clinton! Keep going on!

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