Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh, Please...(Updated - AGAIN)

So, Rep. Steve Cohen has apologized for his remarks regarding Senator Clinton, in which he essentially compared her to a crazed, stalking, ex-girlfriend ("Fatal Attraction"). He added that he has a whole lot of respect for Senator Clinton. Really???? Coulda fooled me!

As was pointed out previously (on by Big Tent Democrat), someone else made a similar comment recently, for which he had already had to apologize BEFORE Cohen made this remark. So, this rings a bit false to me. No, a LOT false to me. It gets the imagery out there about Senator Clinton regardless of if he recants later or not.

And, frankly, he sure didn't show the Senator from NY a whole lot of respect by saying this in the FIRST place, so I have a hard time buying that, too.

In other words, I am sick and tired of these men attacking Senator Clinton over and over and over, saying hateful, mean-spirited, crappy things about her PERSONALLY, not her policies, but HER, then getting over by a little apology.

How about they actually TREAT her with a little respect rather than just claiming they respect her?!? Just a thought.

***I just found out that the MCCAIN campaign raised this with the media, hence whatever apology came from Rep. Cohen was fueled not by his contrition, apparently, but because his candidate was embarrassed - AGAIN - by a surrogate denigrating Senator Clinton by calling her a crazy woman. Wow. I sure wish McCain would say stuff more often! Never thought I'd say THAT, but it seems to be the only way the media looks askance at Obama at ALL. Wow - what a press we have in this country!***

-----And just GUESS who helped fundraise and stump for Rep. Cohen in TN to win Harold Ford, Jr.'s seat??? You guessed it - BILL CLINTON!!!!!! Yes, he did. And tthis is how Rep. Cohen repays him??? What a spineless, shameless coward. Wow. I am so sick and tired of these people who have been helped SO much for the Clintons turn around and stab them in the back. I don't give a shit WHAT kind of pressure Rep. Cohen was under - the Clintons helped him GET HIS SEAT, and have been INCREDIBLY supportive of the Jewish (and AA) community, and this is how he responds, by attacking Senator Clinton? Oh, yeah - real stand up guy - NOT!!!!------


Mary Ellen said...

I have to agree with you 100% on this, Amy. I'm so fed up with seeing all these politicians who got their jobs by riding on Bill Clinton's coattails, attacking Bill and Hillary like this and stabbing them in the back, it makes me sick. Hillary has been very gracious about this stuff, and has kept quiet. She knows that if she complains, she will look weak. If Bill Clinton says anything, they all say he's hurting her campaign. All the while, Obama sits back on his phony laurels and reaps the benefits while he speaks of changing the old ways of Washington Politics. Bullshit. He's nothing but a filthy dirty Chicago politician who surrounds himself with corrupt scumbags to get ahead.

Honestly, I thought I hated GWB, but I really find Obama and his followers much more disgusting.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

I SO hear you on this, ME!! I know, I didn't think I could hate anyone more than GWB, too, but Obama is JUST LIKE HIM, except he plays basketball instead of riding a bike!

I sent this to Rep. Cohen this morning:

Dear. Rep. Cohen:

What an unfortunate introduction to you - your shameless personal attack on Senator Clinton. How you could say such a disparaging remark about the Former First Lady of Arkansas, the Former First Lady of the United States, a second term US Senator, AND a candidate for President of the United States is mind boggling. Add to that attacking someone who has been a GREAT friend to the Jewish community AND the African American Community, whose HUSBAND HELPED YOU FUND RAISE FOR YOUR POSITION, and it leaves me almost speechless!!

How dare you, sir?? What a misogynistic thing to say about a woman who is making a historic, ground-breaking run for president, and who is supported by MILLIONS of people. No apology is sufficient for what you said about Senator Clinton in my opinion. None. Not only was what you said a knife in the back to someone who HELPED you, but it was an attack on women in general. This is not only shameless, it is reprehensible.

What is worse is had McCain not called you out on your despciable comment, you would have thought nothing of it. Wow. That is just astonishing that a REPUBLICAN would be calling you out on this. It makes me ashamed of what so many Democrats have demonstrated this election season - blatant sexism and misogyny.

As a result of your offensive statement regarding Senator Clinton, I am now going to go make a donation to your COMPETITOR, Nikki Tinker. I hope next year ushers in a WOMAN in your place.

The Rev. Amy

AND I just found out that Emily's List is supporting Nikki Tinker, so BONUS!!!

frommemphis said...

OK, time to sit back and think about this. It was one line in a long interview.

That doesn't make it nice, but he did NOT attack Senator Clinton. He suggested strongly that she should step aside.

Rep. Cohen has worked for 27 years IN PUBLIC LIFE to protect the rights of all individuals, including women. He said a stupid thing. People do that.

Nikki Tinker is a Republican backed empty suit. If you think about supporting her, you need to read the local media in Memphis. I understand that among other offensive things, she does not support a woman's right to choose.

But that's the problem with Emily's list. So long as you don't have a penis, Emily's List will support you. Positions be damned.

Oh, I digress.

Look, Rep. Cohen said a stupid thing . He should not have said it.

Rep. Cohen has worked to protect women and children in Tennessee all his professional life.

One stupid comment should not condemn him.

Rev. Amy, check Nikki Tinker out before you send her money. She's a woman, but she's not a real Democrat. I suppose that you have misspoken in your public life, a time or two. Could you reflect on that before you judge a man by a single comment?