Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today's a big day in Washington, D.C., as the RBC meets (as they are doing as I type). The proceedings can be viewed on C-Span, and a number of outlets are live-blogging (TalkLeft and NoQuarterUSA, to name two). Say a prayer, mediatate, have a moment of silence, whatever works for you - that justice will be done, that the ethical, moral choice will be made. And let us hope and pray that the RBC wil not pass the buck to the Credentials Committee, and prolong the decisions regarding the delegates of both states.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is the primary election in Puerto Rico. Clinton is expected to win there handily. Let's hope so. Please donate. Or call, if you can. The more votes Clinton gets, the better - she has won a NUMBER of primaries of late, and is expected to have a fairly substantial popular vote lead. Frankly, I think that DOES matter. Despite Obama's claims to the contrary, his caucus wins were acomplished with FAR fewer people, as has been discussed in this blog, as well as many others. The popular vote DOES reflect the will of the people, and THAT is not insignificant, in my humble opinion.

It's a big weekend. Send some positive energy Hillary's way, as well as hope for the just outcome by the RBC. Blessings...


Mary Ellen said...

I'm so sick and fed up with the DNC after what they pulled this weekend. FL decision was bad enough, but MI was outrageous. That's it for me...I'm voting a straight Republican ticket. As bad as McCain is, he's a breath of fresh air compared to Obama and his thugs in the DNC. They can have their party...and if he wins the Presidency, he'll win it without my vote.

Honestly, I'm so angry I can't even describe it....I've never felt this way. The only thing that comes close is when the Supreme Court selected GWB. I think this is worst, though, because it's coming from the party I've been associated with for over 35 years. It's beyond's criminal.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Mary Ellen -

I agree completely. I am so ashamed of what this party has become. It is really astonishing - I mean, really - to STEAL VOTES CAST BY VOTERS FROM ONE CANDIDATE TO GIVE TO ANOTHER??? Oh, and Obama thinks that is FAIR!!! What the hell type of definition of "fair" is THAT?? "I want what you have, you give it to me, and we'l call it even!" BULLSHIT!!

And I understand that it was a violation of the Rules for them to hold their vote in Secret. There is sure a good reason for it - it was theft.

Now, I am going to go deal with someone who left a comment at my last post - the usual Obasmabot talking points.

I am truly ashamed of what this party has become under Dean, Brazille, Pelosi, and Reid. I don't recognize a DNC that steals votes or delegates.

The GOOD news is that Hillary CREAMED Barack in PR!! She DEFINITELY has the popular vote lead!