Friday, May 2, 2008

Move Along, Nothing To See Here...

I have not yet written about the most recent adventures between The Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama because SO many others have done so. But I have been thinking about it, and want to offer just a little more on all of this.

Obama is now acting as if the positions espoused by Wright are ALL new, thus SHOCKING, UNACCEPTABLE, UNTENABLE. That is a bunch of horse hockey. It has been EXTREMELY well documented that Wright has LONG had a relationship with Louis Farrakhan (remember whe he endorsed OBAMA?). They are friends. Wright has praised Farrakhan up one side and down the other. Nothing new THERE at all.

And Hamas. Trinity United Chuirch of Christ has LONG praised Hamas, and has had LINKS to Hamas ON ITS CHURCH WEB SITE. Again, for Obama to act like this is new is just a flat out lie. To say he is being disingenuous is being too nice. He is lying.

Obama's campaign is now claiming the disconnect between Wright and Obama came when he "disinvited" him from being at his run-for-president announcement . Right. And that is why he continued to keep him as one of his advisors.

For Obama to claim that in TWENTY YEARS, he has heard NONE of this kind of vitriolic, aanti-American ranting is just a flat-out lie. This is not NEW behavior for Wright. He was going on about 9/11 in 2001. That is SEVEN years ago. So, is Obama syaing he hasn't been to church in SEVEN YEARS, while he is claiming what a strong Christian he is? No, of course not. Because when he is pushed, he finally admits that yes, yes he HAS been in church during some of those sermons.

Finally, wasn't it just a month or so ago that Obama claimed he could NOT disown his minister? Oh, sure - he could throw his grandmother under the bus, but NOT his mnister. Well, now he has thrown HIM under the bus, too. I guess Wright was right when he said Obama is a politician, and will say and do whatever he needs to to get where he wants to be. No freakin' kidding. He has made that abundantly clear over the past year. Not that the Kool-Aide drinkers will acknowledge it, but those of us still capable of sentient thought are aware. He's a liar. The media isn't calling him on it, of course (Harold Ickes on a Clinton coference call yesterday said that the media were Obama's "lapdog" - he has THAT right!). But it is crystal clear. It just makes me wonder who is next??? I guess whoever has the audacity to try and get in the way of his coronation. Ahem.

Speaking of yesterday's conference call, Harold Ickes made some other points as well: He said they are making three points to the Superdelegates:1. let voters have their say (but will come down to SDs); 2. electability issues - who can win General Election and necessary Electoral College votes; and being vetted. The media has been Obama's lapdog, and he has not been tested. His recent debate appearance as well as other issues illustrate his abilities (or lack thereof - my words). Hillary has baggage, yes, but it has been known for over 15 yrs. We just don't know enough abt Obama, and there may be and October surprise which we can ill-afford. Obama doesn't have the electoral base that Clinton does.

He added, to the Superdelegates who haven't chosen yet, "hold your fire. Keep your powder dry!"

While discussing the whole electability issue, Ickes said that Hillary is doing better with Independents, women, older people,and Hispanics, and McCain does well with Hispanics. Obama does NOT do well with Hispanics. He said Obama will NOT be able to win against McCain (which I have said numerous times).

He said it is a very close contest in NC now.

And Ickes added, to all of Hillary's supporters on the line, we are unsung heroes of this campagin, but we are really important.

Thanks, Mr. Ickes! Thanks for what you do, too!!

Governor Easley was also on the call for a few minutes, and one of Clinton's campaign people in NC. There is a LOT of enthusiasm in NC now, and the race has tightened up tremendously. Yay!! Makes me proud of the ol' home state!! I guess we will know in a few days!

And Hillary has helped herself even more by taking on Bill O'Reilly recently (she was GREAT, by the way), and seems to be oveturning the propaganda the Right has spwed about her for years. People are now seeing why they have been so scared - Clinton is SMART - easily as much as her husband, and cannot be tripped up. She takes each question in stride, answers it with calm assurance, and without arrogance. O'Reilly really seemed to enjoy her, and enjoyed having someone who could take his bombastic style. He has reported on the Greta Van Susteren show that he has gotten a TON of emails from people who were really surprised at how great she was, since they have been told forever how horrible she was. See, like I keep saying - when people actually see HER, and listen to HER, they are swayed by her abilities. Who knows - maybe she won Bill over, too! That's Hillary for you!!

Again, if you can, pleae go donate. If you can travel, they need people in NC and Indiana. This race has gotten to be pretty darn exciting! Fun times, people!

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