Friday, May 16, 2008

Superdelegate Poll

Carole Migden, an undecided Superdelegate, is asking for input (now THERE'S a novel idea!). Cut and paste the link below, and it will take you to the poll. So far, Clinton was leading by a lot, as she should, IMHO! So, go make your voice heard!

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Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy- I've been trying to get here to leave a comment all day. Everytime I sat down and started to read, the phone would ring or I'd have to run out for an appointment.

Anyway, I went to this poll and did my thing...even left a comment. The last time I looked, Hillary was ahead.

I was over at Taylor Marsh's this morning for a bit and when I came back this afternoon, it looked like she was having some trouble with Obamabots trying to stir things up over there. She even had to shut down until she got it under control. WTH???? If the Obamabots are so sure that their guy is king, why are they running to the Hillary blogs and stirring up trouble? They're either scared that he's losing his grip on the nomination, or their all a bunch of mindless freaks...or both.