Monday, May 5, 2008

An Act of Sportswomanship (Opponents Carry Player)

In case you have not already seen the photo, or heard the story, this is incredibly moving. In this day and age, of people trying to win at all and any costs, this selfless act by these two women reminds us of how we CAN be. It reminds us that winning ISN'T everything - human decency, and downright selflessness, speaks far far louder than the cheating, whining, trickery, and negativity that surrounds so many contests today, from politics to sports.

I think my partner said it best: this honors these women, it honors their team, and it honors the game.

My hat is off to these young women for reminding us how, and for calling us to, a decency, a fairness, that we seem to have lost. Well done. WELL done!

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