Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flip Flops (Updated)

Wow. At this point, with the many months' history of having to hear about the Obama Camp, I admit - I continue to be amazed. Maybe it is just my generally positive nature that makes me think that people are not really going to be THIS conniving, this dastardly, this manipulative, certainly not on such a HUGE scale. But, I would be wrong (this is why my chosen brother, Patrick, calls me a baby duck - every day I wake up thinking what a beautiful world it is, and how wonderful people are. By evening fall, I think all people suck. Next morning, repeat...). The Obama people seem to out-do themselves just about every day.

First, let's look at Guam. Yes, Guam. The Obama people were ecstatic that they won by 7 votes out of a couple thousand people. Never mind that there was SUPPOSED to be a recount because of 500 spoiled ballots in - wait for it - heavily Clinton voting areas, the results of which I have NEVER heard. But Hillary just got the vote of a superdelegate down there, and the Obama people are INCENSED!! She was SUPPOSED to vote with the will of the people, dammit!! How DARE she think independently??!?! Oh, but wait - see, that only matters when the SDs go AGAINST the Obama meme!! It is FINE and DANDY for Kerry, Kennedy, and Patrick to thwart the will of Massachussetts. And peachy keen-o for Bill Richardson to thumb his nose at his own people. Or for Rockefeller and Byrd to thumb their noses at the VAST number of people who did NOT vote for Obama. See, that's JUST fine. But let a Superdelegate do what they are SUPPOSED to do - think for themselves (and honestly, not knowing the results of the recount, 7 votes is essentially a tie anyway, which is how the Guam delegates currently stand: 4 - 4), and they go nuts. So, Guam has become VERY important to the Obama camp.

How about Puerto Rico with its four MILLION voters?? No, not so much. Why? Well, because even though they have 55 delegates (compared to Guam's paltry number), Clinton is expected to win there, pretty handily. So, the Obama camp has started this meme that since Puerto Ricans cannot vote for president in November (don't even get me STARTED on that - we take over their country, and then do not allow them to vote in the actual presidential contest?!?!), their votes shouldn't matter. Yes, that is what the Obama people are now saying - PUERTO RICO SHOULD NOT STAND IN THE WAY OF THE CORONATION!!!! It's a popular vote thing, see. Clinton is alrady leading in the popular vote when MI and FL are included, and it wil be a greater lead once Puerto Rico votes. So, Guam, even though it has NO electoral college representation, YES - it is VERY important! Puerto Rico, because it will go for Hillary, NO - don't pay ANY attention to them!!!! Is THIS how the Obama camp has decided to fix its problem with Hispanic voters?!?! Bear in mind, there are quite a few Puerto Ricans who live IN the United States, too. You don't think this might piss them off just a TAD that Obama says their votes shouldn't COUNT?!?!?! Uh, yeah.

Mind boggling. Truly mind boggling. What is even more so are the comments people have posted trying to support this new meme. As I said in the beginning, wow. Just wow. What the hell is WRONG with these people?

Oh, wait - I know what is wrong with them! They have seen the MAPS!! Yes, the maps in which McCain beats the crap out of Obama, and Clinton beats the crap out of McCain in an Electoral College Map scenario. As others have pointed out, for a campaign that claims it has it all in the bag, they are running JUST a might scared!! ( is a great resource, by the way - if you wish, add it to your favorite places and check it out regularly!) So, yeah - they are pretty freaked out because it is CLEAR that Clinton will win in the General Election, and Obama?? Not so much. Remember, too, that this is while the MSM is attacking her ferociously day in and day out, and giving Obama constant love. When MCCAIN starts running against Obama, it will be a whole different story, you can count on it. McCain has already fired warning shots across Obama's bow, most recently in the back and forth on the GI bill ("McCain, who had an ugly dustup with Obama last year over judicial appointments, said it was "typical" of his likely November rival to "use the Senate floor to take cheap shots at an opponent and easy advantage of an issue he has less than zero understanding of." Full Article), but McCain has made it CRYSTAL clear he will not put up with that kind of crap AT ALL. Not from Obama, and not from the MSM. (Remember, McCain wrote Obama a letter a couple of years ago about his disappointment in him not keeping his word - he seems to have seen through Obama some time ago.)

So, yeah - the Obama people seem to be coming apart at the seams a bit here. Obama CANNOT close the deal, with all of the tremendous advantages he has had. Clinton CONTINUES to beat both Obama and McCain in a General Election matchup. His desire to treat Puerto Rico like it was Florida or Michigan (!!!) pretty much says it all. Once again, what it says ain't good...

Viva, Puerto Rico! Go, HILLARY!!!


Mary Ellen said...

Hi Amy-

Of course the Obamabots have their own formula for how the SD's vote. Like you said, if Hillary wins a State, the SD is supposed to vote for Obama because they are supposed to decide independently. If Hillary loses a State, the SD's are supposed to vote for Obama because that's the will of the people.

Obama cannot win this election unless he cheats, lies, and bamboozles the SD's. I wonder how many of them have been promised a VP post or a cabinet post. I know he's given money to many of them. This election is a joke. Not a "ha-ha" joke, but a travesty.

How is Hillary doing in South Dakota? I haven't heard much. I've been so busy, time to read much on the Internet.

(The graduation was great...considering they had 1,000 graduates, the ceremony went pretty quickly. They didn't even have a Commencement Speech, just Valedictorian (who gave a hilarious speech, he had the grads cracking up the whole time).

Ok...have to get some work done. This is a great post, as always.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME!

WOW - 1,000 grads?!? It must be a HUGE high school! Glad it went well (and quickly). Cool that the valedictorian was funny - that must have helped the whole thing speed along!

ME, you are RIGHT ON abt the lying, cheating, and bamboozling of the Obama campaign. It really is the only way he can win. I was reading a comment by someone over at TalkLeft the other day - s/he was an Edwards volunteer, and did a caucus (can't remember which state now). The volunteer said that s/he was COMPLETELY turned off by the way the Obama people flat out CHEATED. As a consequence, that person said s/he would NEVER vote for Obama. His wanting 50% of MI was pretty damn typical of his hubris, if you ask me. I have never seen someone so arrogant with so little to show for it - hell, even Bush was the governor of TX twice!!

I have not heard much abt SD at all. I know Clinton has been there a good bit. Who knows who will win it in the primary, but there is little chance of winning it in the GE, I think.

Puerto Rico, OTOH, seems to be going VERY well for Clinton. Obama was booed a few times, and is considered a Johnny-Come-Lately win it comes to the issues facing Puerto Rico. I hope Clinton creams him there. No one deserves it more (her winnning, him losing).

OH - have you seen all of the talk over at No Quarter abt Michelle and those "Whitey" tapes? Obama was pretty pissy abt people going after her, but ya know what? When you go after a former two-term President of the Unites States and call him a racist for stuff he says (that WASN'T) while campaigning for his wife, you better BELIEVE that your wife is going to be put under a microscope, too, Skippy. I mean, really - like Bush, he seems to be buying all of the hype heaped on him by the DNC and AxelRove, and thinks he is above reproach. Um, WRONG!!! Have you ever seen anyone so arrogant, besides Bush? It is staggering, really...He is just like him, IMHO - the similarities are striking, and scary.

Every map continues to show Clinton is the ONLY one who can beat McCain. And if they think Obama is going to get us to jump on his little Unity Unicorn, they are SADLY mistaken. I adore Hillary, I truly do - I have the UTMOST respect for her. But even if she came to my house and asked me to vote for Obama, I'd fix her a cappuccino, sit down with her, and tell her all the MANY reasons I won't. And won't give the DNC another dime. Hell, I don't think I'll give them any more money even if they DO seat MI and FL (and have it count). The way they thwarted Clinton with that travesty alone is reason for me not to do so...

Thanks SO much for the compliment. I really appreciate it!

Hey - did you get my response to your email? Just checking - I was wondering what you decided. You can write me at my email address, if you wish...