Friday, May 30, 2008


That is what the DNC leadership is - tone deaf. It is not listening at ALL to what the members are saying. Now Harry Reid has jumped on the Pelosi bandwagon to force a decision out of the Superdelegates in June. See, here's the thing: NOTHING is settled until the votes are taken in AUGUST!! NO Superdelegates vote, no delegate's vote, is CERTAIN until the Convention. That is the whole thing about HAVING a Convention - there are often several votes taken, and nothing is written in stone until the actual Convention!

This continued pressure from the DNC leadership is ridiculous. The vast majority of people have said they want the nominees to go to the Convention to make the determination of who the nominee for president will be. What the hell is the hurry??? They claim this is being hard on the Democratic Party. Well, as near as I can tell, the only ones making it hard on the Party, and being divisive, are the LEADERS!! Beginning with the sheer and utter DISASTER that FL and MI have become, to trying to push the most qualified candidate out since FEBRUARY, the PARTY has made a huge mess of this whole primary. And people are starting to leave the Party in DROVES - people like me, lifelong Democrats who have never voted for anyone but a Democrat, who have given time and money to the Party, who have stood by it through thick and thin (as in some of the candidates they have put up over the past few elections), and this is how they repay us?? Yeah, Okay. As I have said before, I am not leaving the Party, the Party left me. And while it broke my heart to have to accept that, the leaders are making the pain go away pretty fast with these incredibly out-of-touch demands. They have forgotten who makes up the Party, and have become so self-centered, they can see nothing but dollar signs. Well, they're sure seeing a whole lot less of the dollars as a result of their short-sightedness. Couldn't happen to more deserving people, if you ask me.

So - the leaders, rather than HEARING what the people are saying, keep showing what total narcissistic asses they are. I guess the symbol for the Party was well chosen...

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