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Thanks Again...

To a guest blogger at, Scan, for pointing out an excellent response to the Melissa McEwan piece I posted the other day (the former Edwards campaign worker who attended a Clinton event). In addition to the one Scan pointed out, there were a bunch of great observations from people who have attended Clinton events, or met her one way or another, as well as a comparison by someone who attended rallies by both Democratic candidates.

The one Scan mentioned is this one by Lindsay: As a NYer, I'm so glad you got to see my junior senator in person. (Hope you get to see Sen. Obama, too, and will look forward to your report.) I saw Hillary in NYC in Feb - admittedly, I went in as a supporter - and had the same impression. She was warm, knowledgeable and engaging; the (diverse) crowd loved her - why don't we ever hear that?
btw - the first time I saw Senator Clinton in person was a few days after September 11, 2001. I was working as a volunteer chef at the Armory, where families of "the missing" could go for information, and where National Guard members and other emergency services workers could come for meals and sleep. We were busy serving up whatever food (and there was lots of it) that people brought to the kitchen doors. Anyway, we kept hearing reports of the politicians who were making appearances upstairs - but the only one who came down to the basement to see us was Hillary, with no press in tow, only Chelsea and a couple of aides. She said she just wanted to thank us for our work - and we all got a little teary.
That's not the reason I support Hillary, but it has made me sensitive to the "disconnect" (to put it mildly) between how she is so often portrayed and who she actually is - someone who, for one thing, in the midst of tragedy and chaos can spare a thought for the grunts in the kitchen...

Here are a couple more eye-witness reports (and I post these only because you already know about MY experience seeing her in person - WOW):

I was lucky enough to get into townhall events for both candidates when they came to MA.

Hillary really surprised me. The media had done a helluva job convincing me she was the love child of Cruella de Vil and the Borg Queen, so I was blown away by how real she seemed. She spent most of the time answering questions and didn’t miss a beat. It was like she was just chatting with friends. Great sense of humor, too. (I know people have given her all kinds of shit for her “cackle,” but it’s genuine and really infectious. She got the crowd into giggling fits about half a dozen times.)

Obama surprised me, too, but not in a good way. Again, the freaking media had me convinced he was the World’s Greatest Orator and a Man of the People. I know I had the bar set too high, but… damn. He didn’t limbo under the bar; he walked under it with headroom to spare. He gave a stock Yes We Can speech, and then opened the floor for questions. He gave some decent answers, but nothing he said really struck me or made me feel like he had a good grasp of the issues. I forget where I read it, but someone (after attending one of his speeches) cynically referred to his style as “Peter Pan Politics.” Believe with all your heart, clap your hands, and Tink will be magically healed. That about sums it up for me, too. Lots of noise and passion, but nothing solid. I went in supporting him, and I left knowing I’d vote for Hillary.

Great description of exactly how I felt (didn't get to hear the two car parade line!) when I took our 5 1/2 year old to see her a couple of weeks ago here in Winston-Salem, NC.

I returned home and was simply giddy. I was so thrilled to be able to tell everyone within shouting distance that I was right - she is warm, charming, incredibly smart, tough, compassionate, funny, and serious. Not to mention she has such a grasp of the facts/issues it is stunning.

Just a couple of days ago I had the good fortune to attend a house party with Chelsea Clinton. My mouth is still actually agape at her grasp of issues. She also spoke with every single person there (about 75 folks), signed a poster to my little one after I showed her the photo of her holding a Hillary sign and actually took someone's e-mail address so she could forward a more detailed answer to a question I thought she answered perfectly. All I can say is - World, watch out!

Okay. I'll stop. Oh, have I mentioned I am sooooo thrilled to be voting on Tuesday! It matters, it really matters.
Redd Turtle
( if you wish to read more)

This goes along with what I was saying a few days ago about my NYC friend's experience with Sernator Clinton, and yesterday's post in terms of the responses Bill O'Reilly was getting regarding Clinton. The myth of who she is has been touted for YEARS now by the Rigt Wing Machine (and now Obama). But when people actually see and hear her, they realize they've been had, hook, line, and sinker. What a surprise to them that she is not that way at all. And how reprehensible that the MSM, the Right Wing machine, AND some Democrats would continue to fan that false flame. Shame on them!!

CHANGE OF SUBJECT: In case you have missed it, Obama has been attacking Clinton and McCain for their support of a gas tax holiday. Obama has said things like Clinton will get McCain's vote with her stand, and equating her to Republicans. OBAMA is equating Clinton to the Republicans - the man who said Reagan was a great president, the Republicans were the Party of Ideas in the 1990's, and who wants to return to the foreign policies of George H.W. Bush (and Donald Rumsfeld). Yes, that man. What makes this all the more laughable is that OBAMA VOTED FOR A GAS TAX HOLIDAY THREE TIMES IN ILLINOIS!!!!! Yes, he did. THREE times. So I guess he was wholeheartedly for it beore he was against it. Yeah. Right. What a liar. And how incredibly deceptive. I haven't seen anyone else but CBS News bring this to light - hopefully someone else will pick it up...

And while I am at it, isn't it interesting that Obama claims he cannot POSSIBLY make time in his busy, busy schedule for another debate, but can make time to go play basketball with the Tar Heels (as in UNC-CH)?? He reminds me SO Much of Bush - just exchange basbetball for mountain bike riding! SHEESH!! Really, really telling...

TV WATCH: Hillary Clinton will have a town hall forum with George Stephanopoulos on Thie Week With George on ABC News tomorrow (Sunday).

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