Friday, May 23, 2008


Obama's arrogance is. Apparently, he is VP shopping - after claiming he wasn't. Wow - another lie from him - I am SOOOO surprised!! Not. What I am NOT going to do, though, is give this any more attention. It is offensive; it is arogant; and it is INCREDIBLY presumptuous. Period.

Along those lines, things are heating up in FL and MI. The DNC Rules Committee meets on 5/31 to determine their fate. What many people do not discuss is how much shutting them down in the FIRST place was designed to thwart not only Clinton's momentum, but her fundraising. Candidates often seem to bring in a lot of cash following a win. Clinton SURELY would have made a good bit after winning both those states had the media not treated them as "beauty contests." (And Floridians are pretty ticked off, from the comments I have seen, that OBAMA claimed the only reason Clinton won was name recognition. Whaaa??? The DNC and the media had just been shoring him up BIG time for SC, and there were debates before the FL vote. Oh - and they actually do have tv [on which Obama had ads, despite the pledge], newspapers, and the internet down there.) Never mind their discounting of MI because Edwards and Obama decided to take their names off. It was their choice, dammit, and their stragey. Funny, when that FIRST happened, some of the bigtime bloggers, like Kos, said they were shooting themselves in the foot and insuring Clinton's win, and that they DESERVED it - my how he has changed his tune NOW!!! (TalkLeft had this yesterday - Once Upon A Time ) Anywho - my point is that it seems intentional, and it worked. STILL, the race is not over. There are contest left to run, and 2.3 million people to enfranchise. So, any more talk of who Obama wants for VP is premature, to say the least. It ain't over until it's over, and it ain't over yet.

And that brings me to the Superdelegates. There was an interesting article in the Charlotte Observer today about Superdelegates, and their breakdown. It should come as no surprise that men FAR outweigh women. Anyway, here's the link to the article: "Democratic Party's Process Undemocratic."

It seems that even the SuperDelegates are stacked against Clinton. One thing I was surprised to see was the claim that how the states voted did seem to influence the choice the SDs made - that certainly was NOT the case for MA, WVA, and even some CA Superdelegates. Honestly, I don't know how Clinton sleeps with all of those knives in her back...But she does not allow the betrayals to slow her down - nope - she hasn't given up on us, and we aren't giving up on her!! As people make their voices heard, hopefully, the DNC will actually listen for a change, and seat the FL and MI delegates as is (MI's undecideds can go to the Convention as undecideds, and vote however they please there). Until then, keep giving, keep calling, and keep the faith.

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