Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Un-Freakin-Believable!! (Amended)

I have unsubscribed from the DNC mailing list before. That doesn't seem to matter to them at ALL. I got another fundraising email from them today. It was entitled, "Behind Closed Doors." After I stopped laughing, I wrote them the following:

Are you freakin' KIDDING me?!?! When news has leaked about the DNC getting its attorneys together to write a memo* BEHIND CLOSED DOORS to cap the number of delegates from FL and MI at 50% you send out THIS ad? Seriously?!?! I have been a lifelong Democrat - voted straight-ticket - my entire adult life (I'm 50). Until today. Today I have RENOUNCED MY MEMBERSHIP IN THE DNC! I will no longer be a part of a Party that treats women like crap, as mere chattel; that blatantly supports one candidate over another and does EVERYTHING it can, including disenfranchising TWO STATES to make sure that happens; and that has failed MISERABLY in its leadership, both in Congress and in the DNC itself (I'm talking to YOU, Howard Dean and Donna Brazille!). So, count me as another one who feels my party has left me when it decided that our most basic right, the right to vote, should be suspended to shove the most UNQUALIFED candidate down our throats. Thanks to YOU, we will be having another 4 yrs of a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENCY!! TAKE ME OFF THIS LIST!!

*My buddy, The Divine Democrat, mentioned in a comment that this isn't a LAW, and I apologize if I made it sound as if it was. It IS indicative, however, of the further attempts of the DNC to silence people, and to game the nomination for Obama. Yes, Clinton can fight it, and I hope she does - all the way to the Convention (which is why I gave more to her today - and the funds are being matched, so whatever you give, is essentially doubled. Go give.). But, for the DNC to instruct their attorneys to do this memo before the Rules Committee meets at the end of this week to determine this very thing was the final straw for me after a long, long season of one insult after another. It was intended to send a strong message, and it sure did - maybe not the kind they wanted. But send it they did, and I am not the ONLY one today to write about this. SusanUnPc over at No Quarter essentially said the same thing. She has had it, too. So, the DNC can try and spin this latest however the hell they want - but it seems pretty clear to me. And no matter how FL and MI end up working out at this point, I feel as if I have made the best decision for me.

Amendment: See, here's the thing. With the Rules Committee able to correct the incredibly POOR decision on the part of the DNC to strip ALL of the delegates from MI and FL as opposed to the required 50%, there was the possibility of the DNC saving a little face, and having the opportunity to correct its former (overzealous) position. This is especially true for FL since the FL primary was dictated by the Florida REPUBLICAN Party, and had little to do with the Democrats in that state. That is exactly what Floridians have been arguing. So, the error could have been corrected, the DNC could have saved a little face, and the Rules Committee could have decided for ITSELF what it thought best for this election, and for the Party (and Donna Brazille had previously said that this is how these things are handled - by going to the Rules Committee, for which there is precedent to reinstate ALL of the delegates. Just not this time, see.). But no - the DNC INSISTED upon inserting itself AGAIN to make it CLEAR which way THEY want the Rules Committee to go, and that is the problem. They had the opportunity to bring some people back into the fold, restore some confidence that they do believe in counting every vote, and started to heral the anger in FL and MI. But, no. They chose NOT to do that. And that is why I have HAD it with them. The DNC has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that they don't give a shit about the will of the people, or in making sure every vote counts. They want Obama on the ticket, and dammit, they will do EVERYTHING they can to make sure that happens, even if FL and MI never vote for a Democrat again. It is short-sighted. It is stupid. And it is wrong.

One more thing - I have said this before, and Big Tent Democrat makes the same argument today. If the DNC's attorneys are going to insist that this is how the Rules work, then IA, NH, and SC MUST be stripped of half of their delegates, too. They all broke the rules, and received NO punishment at ALL. This is what I meant about disparate treatment. You cannot punish two states beyond what is called for in the Rules, and then allow three other states to go completely unscathed for doing the SAME THING. Even if it DOES mess with your Chosen One's delegate count. Treat all five states exactly the same way. It's simply the right thing to do. Just sayin'.

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