Monday, May 12, 2008


That is the word that has been thrown around all campaign season long: inevitability. Initially, the MSM used it to describe Clinton. They started this meme about her, that she was the inevitable candidate, a phrase she NEVER used, then they began to attack her for it. They created it; they attacked it. They have gone after her day after day, month after month, for a concept not of her own choosing. So, after they beat her down mercilessly, they began to glorify one of her opponents, and not just anyone, but Obama. Notice they did NOT do this for ANYONE else, even though there were FAR more qualified opponents on that stage than Obama.

So, the MSM began to build Obama up while simultaneously attempting to destroy Clinton, allowing all of his past associations, and incredibly poor judgment, to be glossed over because he made one speech in 2002, in which he claimed he was against the war to a very select audience. They talked incessantly about his desire to bring Hope and Change to the country without EVER looking at his record, or asking why he had never chaired his subcommittee on European, NATO, and Afghnanistan Affairs, the very committee charged with oversight of a country in which we are currently at war. They uncritically touted his book about his father without ever looking into the VERACITY of his claims, or who his father really was in terms of character (a drunk abusive polygamist who died from drunk driving, and whose coffin was NOT draped in the American Flag as Obama recently claimed). They never looked into how he actually grew up - fairly well to do family who sent him to the most exclusive private school in Hawaii. They never looked into his relationships to Chicago politics, Rezko, Ayers, or Auchi, never mind the contemptible sermons by his pastor/friend. They just never looked into ANY Of it.

The MSM set him up on a pedestal all while loking at every single thing Clinton did through the narrowest of lenses in order to attack, attack, attack on the slightest provocation. Sure, she made a mistake talking about Bosnia, but Obama has LIED about a NUMBER of things in his past, NONE of which have received the type of scrutiny Clinton's one misstep got. How about his recent claim that he has been to 57 states? 57 states! You know DAMN well that if Clinton OR McCain had said ANYTHING like that, the MSM would be ALL OVER THEM. They would say this proved Clinton was delusional and that McCain is too old, already suffering from Alzheimers or something. Or when he completely repeated an entire story 10 minutes after having told it? They would be talking about it every single day all day long, hammering away that if they cannot take the pressures of campaigning, how in the WORLD are they going to be able to take the pressures of the WHITE HOUSE?? But Obama? Oh, the poor baby is just tired from campaigning! Leave Barry Alone!!!! He's tired, and just misspoke!! It has been a long hard grueling process, and he is just worn out! Now, leave him alone and let him nap!!!

So, the MSM claimed Clinton thought she was inevitable, and tore her down for it, demanding she should get out of the race for having the audacity, the arrogance, to think she was the presumptive nominee. She didn't, and millions of us have supported her. NOW, they are claiming that Obama is the presumptive nominee, the inevitable winner, and Clinton should get out of the race, it's all over. Just move along, little lady, and let the men-folk talk now. In other words, they set her up, attacked her, promoted a lesser qualified candidate over her, have talked about his inevitablity, and now attack her for having the AUDACITY to stay in the race. She is truly damned if she does, damned if she doesn't by the MSM, Obama, and the DNC. I have never seen anything like it - how the MSM treated Bush v. Gore pales in comparison. And it makes me angry. It makes me sick. It makes me sad that the most qualified candidate is being treated like an annoying little gnat because she is not kowtowing to the demands of the largely male calls for her to get the hell out already. How dare they?? How dare the MEDIA frame our narrative instead of allowing the PEOPLE to decide?? How dare the DNC skew the primaries to prop up Obama while tearing down Clinton?? How dare people like Teddy Kennedy INSULT her as being incapable of the nobler aims of the American people like OBAMA is, the one who associates with a KNOWN TERRORIST?? How is THAT noble?!?! Or comparing Clinton to a psychotic, murderous woman by another Obama associate is noble HOW???

I am sick of this. Sick of it. I am sick of the misogyny. Sick of the DNC. Sick of the way the Media have co-opted this process and driven their narrative. I am sick of the constant calls for the only viable woman candidate to drop out of race that no man has EVER been asked to leave when she is essentially tied, and I am FURIOUS that they think they can just stick some other woman into the VP slot and appease all of us little women, as if we are INTERCHANGEABLE!!! "Oh, what the hell, just put McCaskill (blech) or Sebelius (BORING) or Napolitano in there - they won't know the difference and they'll flock right on back as long as there is a woman on the ticket!! It's not like Obama would actually have to interact with her or anything! It'll make the women folk happy again and they'll joyfully give us their vote, forgetting all about that nasty Clinton woman!" Uh, NO. We are not going to just blithely accept any ol' woman in place of Clinton, and sure as hell don't even want Clinton as the VP - why should the far more qualified candidate have to pick up after, and GROOM, the lesser qualified candidate?? Hell to the no. Ahem.

So, yeah - it's inevitable all right - inevitable that the Democrats are going to lose the White House again by putting up this untested, arrogant, misogynistic junior senator who has had everything handed to him on a silver platter by the likes of TOM DASCHLE and TED KENNEDY (for whom I have lost ALL respect) and HOWARD DEAN. And they are not just going to lose the White House, they are going to lose a large part of their base, and already have, from what I have seen at other sites. I'll be one of those, too, who changes my registration. I won't be a party to a Party that treats women so disparately. No way in hell. So, great job with the inevitablility thing, guys - that's what you get for allowing the Fourth Estate to create the story instead of reporting it, and for thinking women are just pawns you can use and abuse as you wish. Wrong. But I reckon you'll find THAT out - and that's inevitable, too.


Mary Ellen said... sound as pissed off as I am. What really is pissing me off is the constant news today that it doesn't matter how big of a win Hillary gets in the remaining elections, she should step down and allow Obama to finally take the reign. They have gone beyond moving the bar higher for Hillary, they threw the fucking thing away. I was asked by one of my bloggers today if I would vote for McCain over Obama for spite or because I thought he'd be a better President. I pointed out that McCain, although he is making a lot of noise about staying in Iraq and hitting all the GOP talking points, is only doing it to win back the base of Republicans they need to win. Once in office, I don't think he's going to dig his heels in like Bush did. He's worked with Dems before and he will continue to do so. As long as he doesn't have a strong majority in the House and Senate, he can be controlled.

On the other hand, Obama is in this for one thing,the power. He will dig in his heels and most likely go back on his word in this campaign. I don't think he will get us out of Iraq and he will decided to present a Supreme Court nominee based on color alone, to appease his AA base. We all know how that turned out with Clarence Thomas. If anyone said anything against him in the nomination process, they were dubbed a racist. The same will happen again.

Obama is more Republican-like than many realize. Just the fact that he backed Cheney's energy bill should be enough to send shivers down your spine. Even McCain didn't vote on that bill, along with Hillary who did not.

The man wants power, period. That's not the kind of President I want...already been there, done that.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey -

Yeah, I am pretty pissed off. I got even more pissed off when I read that Rev. Jesse Jackson giave his permission to Hillary to stay in the campaign - the same man who went into the Dem. Convention in 1988 over a THOUSAND delegates less than the competition, and argued for the nomination. Uh, yeah. The point being that NO MAN HAS BEEN FORCED FROM THIS PROCESS the way they are trying to force Clinton from this process. It is infuriating!!

And I could not agree MORE with you, ME - I totally think Obama is another Republican-Lite type. Like I keep saying - anyone who wants to return to the Foreign Policy of George H.W. Bush, all while denigrating the only two term Dem president we have had in decades. What does that say abt him?!? Not to mention his vote for Thomas Griffith, a rabidly anti-Title IX judge. Or using the RIght Wing meme that pro-choice people don't understand what a hard decision it is to have an abortion (REALLY!?!?!? Since WHEN??? Pro-choice does NOT mean Pro-Abortion!! SHEESH!). He is just insulting, and doesn't even freakin' REALIZE he is being insulting!!

McCain scares me a bit, and I won't vote for him, but I won
t vote for Obama, either. He scares me more - there are too many people lining up to pull his strings, and there is NO telling just where we'll end up with him.

Someone said something on TalkLeft the other day abt being a Hillary supporter (this goes back to my post). She said she didn't become a Hilalry supporter because she was a woman, but because of her positions and policies, but after the way Hillary has been treated by the MSM and the DNC, she is DEFINITELY behind her because she is a woman. I was thinking later on today that everyone is SO quick to throw out the "racism" term, but sexism, even misogyny, is readily accepted. It has been an eye-opening experience, that's for sure. And I have actively been a feminist since I was 16 and knew what the term meant. It's not that I didn't know there wasn't still sexism, but to see it thrown around and ACCEPTED has been pretty shocking...

Thanks for the comments, ME!!

GeekLove said...

I helped create the “Mad is Hell” video along with IndyRobin.

I created a NEW VIDEO: “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”

It’s about Obama’s silence on sexism against Hillary Clinton and his own sexist remarks.

If you approve of the video, I’d appreciate your help in spreading the video by creating a post on the video and ask that you and your readers go to youtube to RATE, COMMENT & mark FAVORITE the video.


Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...


THANK YOU! You and IndyRobin are the BEST!!! I will go check it out right now. Thanks again for stopping by!

Iowatreasures said...

I will not vote for Barack Obama under any circumstances.

I will vote for Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee. I will vote for Hillary Clinton if she is not the nominee.

A write-in vote carries as much weight as an "X" in a box next to the name of Barack Obama or John McCain.

Hillary deserves all of our support - to help her win the Presidency. And, if all else fails, at least it will be a protest vote against the DNC for illegally not counting all votes in Florida and Michigan.

It is against the law for anyone to discount votes in any election.

A protest vote can also be to show our disgust, dismay, disappointment, at the elitists who have taken control of our Democratic Party and have thrown the American people under the bus -both black and white.

Barack Obama is one scary guy. And so is Michelle Obama.

Barack has been listening to hatred like that of Rev. Wright since Day One. He was born to a radical anti-American. Obama listened to her rants for 10 years.

Then he lived in Hawaii with his grandparents. He claims to have been "poor" but in actuality, his grandfather used his influence and Obama was granted an affirmative action scholarship and went to the elite, private high school there.

(Affirmative action scholarships were available to Barack Obama only because he twisted the truth about his racial background.)

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., is a polygamist Arab, who was part of the terrorist group - the Kenyatta.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. has dual citizenship in Kenya and the U.S.
The Kenyan Government has recorded Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., as an Arab-American.

In Hawaii, from age 10 to 18, Obama excelled in basketball, and was also mentored by "Frank," a communist. Frank also took Obama to Marxist meetings until he was 18years old.

Then, Obama went to three more private, elite schools - the Occidental College in L.A., the Columbia U., in NYC, and Harvard.

To thank the U.S. who had helped him, Obama "thanked" the U. S. by taking up with the most radicals of radicals, and even Michelle (then Robinson) brought Barack into the Mayor Daley fold in 1991.

Michelle worked for Mayor Daley's office where they distributed the low income housing millions to crooks like Rezko. Ayer's came into the picture about the same time, and so did Davis Axelrod.

Obama was "picked up" by Antoin Rezko from Harvard on. Rezko used his money and influence to push Barack Obama up the political Chicago Way ladder.

Rezko was Obama's campaign finance manager in both senate campaigns. (With a little help from Rezko's friend and associate, Nadhmi Auchi - who was Saddam Hussein's closest ally and side kick) - and Axelrod's crew going down to the election headquarters and spending all day disqualifying Obama's opponents so he ran unopposed, not leveling the playing field but eliminating it.

Isn't that what he has tried to do to Hillary now, all the way from Iowa on?

By the way, if you have reference materials such as Google Alert articles in your computer files, you better print them out on paper, the articles are being taken down lately. gw.