Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton Victory Speech Kentucky pt.1

Clinton had a TREMENDOUS victory in Kentucky last night, cutting into every single one of Obama's core groups (despite what that bonehead, Chris Matthews, said), just like she did in West Virginia. And this is another great speech from Senator Clinton. She had some very nice words to say about Senator Ted Kennedy, and demostrates just what a class act she is. What a powerful speaker she is - and powerful because of WHAT she says, not just how she says it. Hillary Clinton is one impressive woman...

Regardless of Obama's self-coronation, this contest is not over. Until and unless FL and MI are included, this race is very close. In fact, if those two states are included, Clinton leads in the popular vote. Pledged delegates are just that - pledged. But NOTHING is set in stone until the Convention. That's when the delegates are set, and not until then. So, on to Montana, SD, and Puerto Rico - Clinton is in it to win it.

We are with you all the way, Senator Clinton!!

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