Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

NOT. This is another exceptional video from GeekLove and IndyRobin (of the "Mad as Hell" video). It is not easy to watch. The level of misogynistic vitriol and violence toward women that has been, and is being, accepted in this campaign highlights how far we have NOT come. It is shameful, it is SINFUL, it is just wrong, morally and spiritually. That the DNP has sat back and remained silent while this candidate, the BEST candidate, has been smeared by the MSM and her opponent by means that would NEVER be accepted if the sexist/misogynistic language and imagery was replaced by racist language and imagery is very telling. Very telling, indeed, and it is reprehensible. It is UNACCEPTABLE. It is why the DNP has lost me as one of its members.

Watch the video. Speak up, Speak OUT, loud and proud. Donate to Hillary. Send her a note of encouragement. Write the DNC and tell them you will not accept this kind of silence on their part, nor their attempt to game they election for Obama. Speak up - for yourself, your mothers, your friends, your daughters. And for Hillary. We cannot let this violent misogyny go on any more. NO MORE.


(Thanks, GeekLove, for the link!)


Mary Ellen said...

Just to show you that Obama supporters who are women seem to like wallowing in the mud with the guys who like to sling misogynist crap at women.

You know that girl fran, that has been coming to my blog to fight for her man (Obama)? The one who can't debate policy because she's dumb as a rock? Here's her most recent post...

I swear, I am being stalked by Chelsea Clinton. That bitch has called me about 4 times, pushing me to "vote for her Mom". Last night it was vote for my Mom & my Dad-- the PRESIDENT is coming to your town, to come chat. I noticed he picked a small room @ the U of O campus-- not expecting much of a crowd?
Today, there was a phone message- from- you guessed it- Chelsea- who will be the best candidate to beat McSame. MY MOM Hillary is experienced & ready to go toe to toe.

Listen up Clinton family- I have a proposal-- instead of toe to toe, how about boot to ass?

The message should go something like this:

Hi~ this is the Clinton family calling. Despite the fact Obama has more superdelegate votes, has won more states, has more of the popular vote, Hillary is determined to tear apart the Democratic party. She's like a frickin' energizer bunny.... she keeps going & going.... Despite a $10 million dollar CORRECTION! $20 million dollar campaign debt, regardless of the numerical reality, I will continue to hound you with prerecorded messages, and send my dad to yammer on in your town, - you remember the guy with the insatiable appetite for sexual affairs- put this family back in the White House & we promise-- if anything, things won't be dull.

(Below the post is this picture.)_

And here is my reply to her (let's see if she leaves it up on her blog)

Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Wow fran, you're sounding a little bit "bitter" with this post! Calling Chelsea a bitch? Nice play, sounds just like the rest of the Obama supporters, bitter bitter bitter. LOL! So typical...just like Randi Rhodes and her foul remarks. You guys got real class, and they say that Hillary voters are 'uneducated'? Ha!

Oh, and speaking of no class, I noticed that Obama didn't give a concession speech to thanks all his supporters for breaking their asses in WV trying to make it look like he wasn't such a loser. In fact, he said he would be making NO public congratulations to Hillary. Classy...very classy.

Now I see why you guys have such a difficult time discussing policy, the only thing you can do is tear down Hillary's family. Personally, I'll take the high road and lay off Michelle and her kids. That's how the grown-ups handle this stuff.

Good luck in Kentucky. ;-)

Classy bunch of braniac's aren't they? Of course the other comments were very anti-Hillary and accusing her of being a racist. Go figure.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, ME -

Well, it just goes to show that simply because someone is a woman that they are enlightened. Too many women buy into the sexism in our culture as opposed to railing against it. It is truly sad.

And this woman - WOW. I got a bunch of phone calls from Reps when SC had ITS primary, and I didn't feel the need to attack Huckabee (I got the most from his campaign). Sigh...

You know, this blithe acceptance by the MSM and the Obamabots that FL and MI don't count really bothers me. A lot. Everyone keeps screaming abt "The Rules" and "The Pledge" without really knowing what either one of them SAYS!!! What is blatantly obvious, though, is that FL and MI were held to a disparate standard from EVERY OTHER STATE because they were going to go for Clinton, and big. That would have given her TOO much momentum, and they couldn't have that. I just cannot get over how many people think that is perfectly fine. It wasn't going to help Obama, so they would just discount 2.5 million votes. Poof - GONE! It just boggles my mind...

Abt Fran - clearly, facts are NEVER going to influence her opinion, so I am not even sure I would waste time replying. She's a troll, and should be treated like one...

Well, I gotta go get my wisdom teeth taken out - do I ever know how to have a good time!! Ahem. Talk to you later!

Mary Ellen said...

Rev.Amy---OUCH! My son just had all of his taken out at one time a couple of months ago. Make sure you follow straws! You don't want to lose that all important blood clot and get a dry will be in agony! Rest, sitting up, not lying down. Don't feel bad about taking pain pills and don't eat peanuts or popcorn for 6 weeks. Yes...SIX WEEKS.

Do I sound like a mom, or what? ;-)

Take care....

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Whaaa???? No popcorn OR peanuts for 6 weeks?! Wow, no point in going to the movies anytime soon, then. Sheesh! And no straws - check!

GOOD advice - and I appreciate it. My dentist is awesome. She is funny as hell, and FAST - I was out of there in less than an hour from the time she started!

THanks for the motherly advice!