Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Memo to Hillary Clinton: Please Don't Quit! (Corrected Link)

I just received the following article from Hillary's Rapid Responders (not affiliated with her campaign). All I can say is, AMEN!

Diuguid's column: Memo to Hillary Clinton: Please don't quit

By Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist

Last summer, I shook Sen. Hillary Clinton’s hand and gave her my business card when she met with the Trotter Group of black columnists. I wished her well in her presidential bid.

Ever since then I’ve received e-mails from her, Bill Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton, with video links promoting Hillary Clinton’s historic run for the Oval Office. A half-dozen arrived last week.

I hadn’t replied until now.

Dear Sen. Hillary Clinton:

I have greatly appreciated all of the e-mails from you and your family. I have only two words to share with you about your valiant quest to become the 44th president of the United States and the first woman to hold the highest office in the land:

Don’t quit.

A ton of pundits and political operatives have asked you to give up. Ignore them.

They have asked you to step aside for the good of the Democratic Party and let Sen. Barack Obama stand as the presumptive nominee. His rise to that post would be historic, too, making him the first African American to go that far.

The pundits and political operatives repeatedly have professed that you would be doing more harm than good to the party if you don’t surrender now. But for all of your supporters, the country and our way of life, I say don’t quit.

It doesn’t matter whether women in the United States have seen you in person, heard you in the debates or voted for you in the primaries or not. What matters is every woman who believes in America needs you to stay in the race all the way to the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 25-28 in Denver.

Every girl needs you to go the distance. You have come too far to fold now. For every woman’s and girl’s sake, don’t quit.

Men and boys need to witness your perseverance, too, and know that the force of your will is in the hearts and minds of every female. Such drive, determination, duty and character have helped to make this country a superpower.

Even though no woman has been president up to now, every woman has given endless amounts of sweat, blood and true grit to make this nation what it is today.

There would be no America if women had folded under the strain of child birth or if women hadn’t endured the misery of scratching out a living from the land, traveling across the vastness of our countryside. Women have been treated like chattel and second-class citizens, working in sweat shops, remaining in the shadows endlessly serving others and maintaining the home front while their sons come home from the wars.

Still, women make only 77 cents for every dollar that men earn.

Don’t quit. Our men and boys need to see you go the distance.

Many other countries have had women leaders — Germany, Israel, Argentina, India, the Philippines, Great Britain and Pakistan. For the sake of women and men all over the world, don’t quit.

After eight, long, horribly regressive years of George W. Bush as president, the world needs to see a better image of America. They need to see how progressive the people of this country truly are. For their sake and ours, don’t quit.

People need to see a real convention with all of the political wrangling and elbowing. So many conventions in the last 30 years have been neatly staged.

The power elite control the outcome. Give the convention back to the people. They need to see politics being made like sausage from the squeal to the plate. For America’s sake and our way of life, don’t quit.

Yours truly,


Lewis W. Diuguid is a member of The Star’s Editorial Board. To reach him, call 816-234-4723 or send e-mail to Ldiuguid@kcstar.com.

Submitted by LewisDiuguid on May 20, 2008 - 2:21pm. Link to the article.


Mary Ellen said...

Hillary did great last night, a blow out in KY and she seems to have kept Obama under the 20 points or higher that he thought he would win. There are still only 88% reporting in Oregon, so we don't know the numbers yet...so far, Obama ahead by 16 to 17 points. I think the holdouts are in an area that should lean toward Hillary, so that number may shrink a tad.

Regardless, Hillary is ahead in the popular vote and with PR coming up, and a large turnout (which will favor her immensely), she will be waay ahead in the popular vote.

Lanny Davis today made the point that it seems crazy that the DNC would push to have a nominee that can't beat McCain, just because they think it's the right thing to do (nominate a black man?).

Listening to all those talking heads on MSNBC last night, calling KY voters racists because they can't admit they won't vote for a black man in public, just made my blood boil. Why not say that the black voters who are pulling for Obama by 98% are racists because they will ONLY vote for a black man over the white woman? I mean, isn't it obvious? Why are the KY voters racists and not just a State that prefers a candidate who is smarter and someone they can trust to bring our country back to the days of Bill Clinton when our economy was booming, we had peace, and everyone had jobs?

The news media has hit an all new low, IMO. I wish the governor of KY would go on MSNBC and tell them they should be ashamed of themselves for spreading that kind of racist bullshit. In fact, the governor should make an announcement and tell the people of KY to boycott MSNBC and show them what happens when you accuse an entire State of being racists.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Mary Ellen!

Thanks for the update - I have been out all afternoon, and am just catching up with the news of the day! That was an excellent synopsis, and I appreciate it!

I agree COMPLETELY abt the MSM and Obama people painting all of Clinton's supporters as racists. Makes my blood boil, too! So insulting...And yeah, the KY gov. oughta give them a piece of his mind!!

I can tell you that I was pretty pissed off at the way the AP reported Obama's win, and had Clinton's BLOW OUT in the bosy of the article. No subtitle, or anything - just that she cleaned his clock - I mean, won by 35%, and that she was going to keep going even though she really doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. That has been the MSM meme all along to try and throw public opinion - just like they did to Gore in 2000. JUST like Gore - it all feels eerily similar to me...

ANd I didn't watch ANY of the coverage except to turn to Fox News occasionally to see the numbers (boycotting CNN and MSNBC). I followed along at TalkLeft.com last night - that was the most PLEASANT way to hear the news, I'll tell ya - mainly Clinton supporters, and nice ones at that! That's a good group over there...

Anywho - I couldn't agree with Davis more. I mean, really - when even NORTH CAROLINA is showing that HILLARY will beat McCain, and Obama won't in the SUSA poll, that's saying something!!

Did you see Clinton's speech down in FL? I read the transcript - it was BRILLIANT. I was thinking abt posting it here...Or the video (I thought her speech last night was AWESOME!). Then again, when AREN'T her speeches brilliant?? (I am so sick and tired of people saying she isn't as well spoken or charismatic in her speeches - that's bullshit - she is VERY eloquent, and her words have SUBSTANCE behind them. Now, THERE'S a novel idea, right?!?)

Oh - one last thing - I wrote the author of the Memo posted here, and he wrote back! I couldn't believe it! I mean, the guy is on the Editorial Staff of the paper, for pete's sake (and the reporter who did the article abt the elderly woman who did an absentee ballot wrote back, too - he was nice, as well)! This is what he said:

Dear Rev. Amy:

Thank you for the e-mail and your touching message. Like you, I think this country would be better off with Sen. Clinton going the distance.


Lewis Diuguid

Amen to THAT!!! And now that she CLEARLY has the popular vote (when FL and MI are included), there is no reason in the WORLD for her to get out! Rise, Hillary, RISE!!