Thursday, May 8, 2008

Moving The Goal Posts

So, once again, the MSM is going nuts claiming Clinton should drop out of the race. They are hammering away with the Obama narrative that only 2025 delegates are needed - that is the amount MINUS Florida and Michigan. That is just wrong. The United States has FIFTY states, not forty-eight. To continuously claim that MI ad FL broke the rules, so they cannot be counted at ALL, or that Obama wasn't on the ballot is fust plain false. They could have gone with a 50% penalty, as the DNC rules STATE, and Obama made that decision all by himself. He and his cohorts told everyone to vote Uncommitted, as an homage to Iowa. Well, he won Iowa, but if he thinks he will win Florida and Michigan after working so hard to disenfranchise them (should he become the nominee), he's got another thing coming.

And Clinton should NOT drop out. She is expected to do EXTREMELY well in West Virginia and Kentucky. She has won ALL of the big states except for Illinois. She has won ALL of the states a Democrat will NEED to win to get the presidency back. Obama will NOT get those states.

And while I am on it, now Obama and his bullies are claiming the ONLY reason Clinton won Indiana was because of all of the Republicans who crossed over because Rush Limbaugh told them to do so. Apparently, 11% of votes cast for Democrats were Republicans. There are several things wrong with this, most especially that Obama keeps claiming he WANTS to get the support of Republicans and Independents, then he attacks Clinton when SHE gets Republican votes?? It was pretty much split, by the way, between the two. AND, OBAMA is the one who keeps promoting having Republicans switch for a day, like in Pennsylvania, as well as some other states. But when CLINTON actually gets some Republican votes, he pitches a hissy fit. Oh, and never mind that she has gotten more votes from DEMOCRATS than Obama. This guy wants it both ways, and unfortunately, the MSM has been all too happy to support him in that craziness.

Clinton has won the must-win states of IN, and she will win KY and WV. She has won ALL of the states a Democrat MUST win for the presidency. Obama? He's won a bunch of red states that are NOT going to elect a Democratic president (NC, for example, last went for a Democrat when Jimmy Carter ran. Uh, yeah.). So, should she keep going on? Hell to the yes, she should. She can still win this thing, and she SHOULD win this thing - she is by FAR the most qualified candidate, and the ONLY one who acn beat McCain. So, yeah - you keep going, Hillary, and we'll keep standing behind you!

OK - one last thing. And I find this to be personally shocking, and telling. Fox News is actually doing a better job of covering this election, especially in terms of Clinton, than any of the other networks. Yesterday, I flipped over to Fox News, and within a couple of minutes, they were airing Hillary Clinton speaking at a university in West Virginia. They KEPT her on for at least 10 minutes. You will NEVER find that on CNN or MSNBC. Obama? Yes - they will air him for as long as he wants to keep rambling. Then, last night, I flipped over to Greta Van Susteren, and she had a panel on discussing the whole FL and MI debacle. She said SEVERAL times that she just could not believe voters in FL and MI would have THAT short of a memory that they would forget Obama willfully disenfranchised them. Others on the panel had to concur that they would not forget, but once he sews up the nomination, he could magnanimously enfranchise them. Van Susteren didn't seem to think that would fly. Again, you sure as hell aren't going to get that from Blitzer or Russert or Matthews. No way. Actually, come to think of it, about the ONLY one on MSNBC from whom you WOULD get that kind of thought process is Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Representative! What the hell is going on?!?! Our world really has become upside-down-world now. Up is down and down is up. The Democrats are acting like Republicans, and at least a couple of Republicans are acting like Democrats. Crazy. What I do know is that I won't be supprting the DNC unless it returns to being the party of the people, rather than what it has become: a small group of people who are willing to skew the scales for their own benefit. Then again, once Clinton wins, she can clean house over there...

And if the DNC is going to act this way toward Clinton, and engage in such sexist behavior, maybe Clinton should just run as an Independent. MANY of us are already planning to write in her name anyway, so maybe this is the alternative for her, and for those of us who support the BEST candidate for president. Something about which to think, anyway...

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