Wednesday, May 28, 2008

That Does It

The DNC, in its infinite "wisdom," has had its attorneys draft a memo essentially calling for a cap on the number of FL and MI delegates to 50%, according to this article. Tip of the hat to Big Tent Democrat for posting on this today at TalkLeft.

What that means is the DNC is continuing to game the system for Obama, and is attempting to make FL and MI pay more than ANY other state, including IA, SC, and NH (all of which had their FULL delegations counted). It is their attempt to thwart any real options this coming Saturday (5/31) when the Rules Committee meets. It is, quite simply, their further attempt to push Hillary Clinton out of the race. It is the unmitigated effort by the DNC to silence the voice of the voters. That is reugnant to me, and unacceptable.

And so it is that I have come to this decision. As I commented at TalkLeft, this does it for me. I am 50, and a LIFELONG Democrat. Until today. I am going RIGHT NOW to change my registration. I will not allow a Party that has consistently acted in such a disparate manner toward certain states and candidates to count me on their rolls. I will not allow a Party that has shown such callous disrgard for the will of its very members to count me on their rolls. I will not allow a Party that has acted with such callous disregard and for, and animosity toward, WOMEN to count me on its rolls. As well as all of the other things people have already mentioned about its complete and utter failures of leadership since the Democrats took over a couple of years ago (Pelosi taking impeachment off the table immediately; continued funding for the Iraq invasion; FISA; and energy issues, to name a few).

I do not say this lightly. It breaks my heart. But I cannot be a member any longer of this Party. Because truthfully, I did not leave it. It left me. No need for it to be able to pad its rolls with my name...


Mary Ellen said...

I had just heard on the Clinton Campaign phone conference that the 50% cap is not law, that the DNC can allow 100% or 0% and that is what the rules committee will decide on Friday. Of course, Dean and his little nazi minions will try to cap it at 50%,but it doesn't sound like that will be acceptable to the Clinton camp and they will appeal that ruling.

They will do all they can to keep Hillary out of this race, and it won't surprise me if they do. I only hope that if they continue with the dirty tactics that when it comes to the GE, if Obama is the nominee, that Hillary won't lift a finger to help him.

Of course..that's wishful thinking on my part. I think Hillary will work for Obama as she said she would, she's not one to go back on her word like Obama. Wouldn't it be nice,though, if Obama was arrogant enough to think that he can win without her help? That would be soooo sweet. Just like Gore when he told Bill he didn't need his help. If he had let Bill Clinton campaign for him, he would have won his own State of Tennessee and he would have won Florida without any problem.

You can listen to the phone conference on Taylor's blog. I think it's the second post down right now.

If you get a chance, watch the video by Flineo, too. It's hilarious!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there, Mary Ellen -

Yeah, Big Tent Dem mentioned that, too, that it isn't LAW, but that this is the point from which the DNC wants to start, and that ALONE is incredibly offensive. For me, it is the straw that breaks this camels back. I have HAD it with them gaming this for Obama. They have allowed OBAMA to call the shots on FL and MI the entire time - rather than acting like they had ANY neutrality whatsoever, and calling for a re-vote, for example, they let him stonewall on it, saying the candidates had to agree. NO, they didn't - the DNC and the state party should have decided between the TWO of them what to do. Of COURSE Obama wants to cheat and keep out two states (and what the HELL does that say abt HIM?!?!?), and the DNC let him call the shots. Sounds like they are doing the same now, too.

I know Clinton can fight this at the Convention, and I truly, truly hope she does. But it is the action of the Party ITSELF that has driven me to this decision.

I just got a fundraising letter from the DNC a few minutes ago, too, all abt McCain and what HE is doing behind Closed Doors. I'm going to post my response to them, in my request to be taking off their mailing list. Again.

I watched the Flineo video a few minutes ago - it was AWESOME!!!! I need to go listen to the Clinton call, too..

You are SPOT ON abt Gore and Bill Clinton. And guess who's bright idea THAT was for him not tuse Bill? Donna Brazille. She is a DISASTER for this party. Oh, wait - that's right - she doesn't need all of us anymore anyway!! Yeah. Okay.

And you're right abt Hillary. She'll do what she says she will. And THAT says it all...

Good to hear from you! (Oh - I'll add in my next post that the attorneys' memo isn't law, too...)