Monday, May 5, 2008

Final Scene From the Contender - CORRECTED TEXT

The similarities from this movie and the current campaign are prescient. And the message is a good one - we cannot succumb to half truths and lies about Senator Clinton. We have to look at her, at her character, at her accomplishments, at her life, not listen to the videos doctored to make her longtime supporters appear to denigrate the people of Indiana, or use racist epitaphs (as was done yesterday, and reported without fact checking by MSNBS - big surprise - though Jake Tapper of ABC News published a link to the original movie which did NOT contain the fabricated attacks by Kantor on Indianans), or unfounded verbal attacks by her opponent or the opposition party. We need to not be taken in, or distracted, by these baseless attacks, and lok at the person.

This nation IS ready for its first woman president, and that woman is Hillary Clinton (just insert her name for the character in this movie, Lane Hansen). The final scene is good stuff.

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Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Jake -

I apologize for the error. I do not believe I said you SHOWED the doctored video, but lest there be ANY confuion at all, I have corrected the post. Again, my apologies.