Friday, May 16, 2008

Chelsea Clinton at Duke

Chelsea Clinton talks about her mother's commitment to feminism, and how that commitment is manifest. She includes historical data in terms of economics and education. Chelsea is really a chip off the old blocks - what an intelligent, articulate young woman she is - VERY impressive.


Mary Ellen said...

Isn't she amazing? Everytime I listen to her, it seems so obvious that Bill and Hillary did a great job raising her. She's self confident, intelligent, and beautiful inside and out.

I was so angry the other day when I saw on an Obamabot blog the girl who ran it called Chelsea a bitch. Honestly, Amy, I can't believe that these are people who call themselves Democrats...hell, I can't believe they call themselves human beings. They act as if they are sub-human.

Thanks for the video, I haven't seen it before.

Boy...I miss my blog. I miss writing about this election. I've been feeling lost all day...and sad.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey, Mary Ellen -

Good to hear from you! I have checked over at your blog just in case, and I have to say, that picture says a thousand words. It makes me sad every time I see it.

So, I can just imagine how it feels for YOU to not be writing over there. It IS sad, so no wonder you have been feeling sad. Or grief, perhaps? Because as you so rightly pointed out about Chelsea, people have been acting like thugs in this election - I swear, I think it is even worse than the Bush Republicans, because it is our OWN PEOPLE acting like this! There seems to be this whole gang mentality that has been fostered, this "win at all costs" sort of thing. And to turn it on someone like Chelsea who, I agree, is beautiful, VERY intelligent, composed, and articulate JUST because she is speaking out for her mother is WAY out of bounds. It seems NO ONE has any empathy on that side - I mean, can they for one second imagine them speaking out for THEIR parents, and having people they don't know attack them up one side and down the other, hurling insults at them COMPLETELY unprovoked?? No, apparently not. We have reached a whole new low in discourse in this country...

About Taylor Marsh - well, I ams ure you have read by now abt the Obamabots who are supposed to be working to win the "hearts and minds" of Clinton supporters. THey haven't a CLUE how to do it, since they have spent SO much time attacking us - they cannot break out of that cycle. Apparently, they do not realize that the more they attack us, the stronger we become.

Take for example Steve Corbett on the Scranton radio station, with his Operation Turndown - this just started on THURSDAY, and by yesterday, he was being flooded with emails from around the country and the WORLD, getting calle from India and the UK abt how upset peope are at the way Clinton has been treated. Women, and sympathetic men, are FURIOUS about the sexism and misogyny generated by the MSM and accepted by the DNP. It seems to be a real movement - women are mad as hell, and they aren't going to take it any more!!

Things seem to be changing ina GOOD way for Clinton - I hope they are...

Great hearing from you, friend!

Mary Ellen said...
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