Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Address

Apparently, Time got so many emails, its mailbox was full. Here is an alternative to write them about their blatantly misogynistic photograph:


Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for the new e-mail address. I laughed when I saw their mailbox was full. Do ya think they will offer and apology? I won't hold my breath.

Man, Amy---you are just so up on things! I'm totally impressed, and I don't say that to many people.

It was good to see you over at Taylor's yesterday, too! I saw a few people mentioned what a great post you had.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Hey there!

Oh, yeah - I am SO totally not holding my breath, either! And today, there was a crappy article by Harold Meyerson at Washington Post. I swear, these people don't even do the SIMPLEST of fact checks! How are we supposed to rely on them for actual NEWS?!?! I am getting ready to print an article from the San Francisco Chronicle that just abt stopped me in my tracks - Nancy Pelosi has just lost the edge, as far as I can tell...

And THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate your kind words, Mary Ellen! I am touched, and honored!! WOW!!!

Good to see YOU, too, at Taylor's! I couldn't believe when that troll called you a RACIST for mentioning anything related to Obama's ADMITTED drug use! What the HELL is that about, I have to ask?? As I said, people went on and on and ON abt Bill not inhaling, and abt Bush's DUIs and coke use, but we cannot mention OBAMA'S?? BULLSHIT!! It is racist NOT to treat him like everyone else - WHY don't these people SEE that?!?! Sheesh!!!

Thanks again for the kind words!!