Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yeah, Okay...

Well, I did get a response from the HRC. I'm not sure how to take it, actually. Here's their response:

Dear Rev.:

Thank you for contacting the Human Rights Campaign regarding this phone survey.

You are correct in that Sen. Clinton is a longtime - and very well known - supporter of GLBT rights. This is precisely why the surveyors didn't follow up with more questions about Sen. Clinton. Opinions about Senators McCain and Obama, however, aren't as well known, which is why the surveyors focused on these two. This doesn't skew the survey, but instead helps us discover new information.

We apologize for any confusion and thank you for taking the time to contact HRC with your concern. If you have future questions or concerns please feel free to contact us again.


Dana Campbell

Here are some thoughts: if this is truly what they think about Senator Clinton, then why the hell haven't they endorsed her yet??? And, do they not think it might have negative implications to ONLY focus on Senators McCain and Obama?? To me, that DOES skew the survey. So, I am not sure I'm buying what they're selling...Here is my response back to the HRC:

Dear Dana Campbell:

Thank you for you prompt response. I appreciate it.

Two things: 1. has it occurred to anyone that it might be sending a negative message that there are NO follow-up questions regarding Senator Clinton, and only for the two other candidates mentioned? Because I have to say, it certainly took me aback that there was not more about Senator Clinton. Others may NOT know of her long-standing history with the GLBT community and HRC, thus making a subtle message that there are only two major players in the contest; and 2. given that longstanding support of our community, and given your acknowledgement of same, WHY hasn't HRC endorsed her yet?? For what is HRC waiting?? It seems to me that now is the time, when it might actually mean something (and frankly, I am surprised an endorsement has not ALREADY been made). Clinton has proven herself over and over - just what does it take for HRC to acknowledge that in this contest?

Thank you for allowing me to share my concerns with you.

The Rev. Amy

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