Thursday, April 17, 2008

Whoo-ey, Just A-BUZZING!!

The blogosphere is this morning! Taylor Marsh has TWO great articles this morning, one on how Clinton ran away with the debate once she started talking about Foreign Policy (I know - how can that POSSIBLY be when Obama said he knows more, and understands the world more, than either McCain or Clinton?! Because you know, he DID live in Indonesia as a child, not that he could be bothered to learn the language. He's been to Africa a few times. AND, he traveled to Pakistan when he was in college! See how much more experienced he is than CLINTON AND MCCAIN?? Oh, and he is the same one who said he has done more for LGBT rights, Jews, and churches than anyone else either. Talk about DELUSIONAL!).

Taylor's other good one is about how the media has really treated Obama softer than ANY other presidential candidate in the past 20 years, which is why his people are going NUTS this morning that anyone DARED to ask him a question that was more than, "so, gee - what do you have planned for summer vacation?" Yeah, they are freaking. Anyway, I am beginning to think that she is right - I think he has been getting it easier than Bush did. Who the hell ever thought THAT was possible?!?! I know! But yet, he has! And he does NOT deal well when he is questioned, either. What a quick fuse he has - and his ratchet response is to immediately turn to Clinton and attack HER! Really telling, if you ask me, and what it says isn't pretty. Like when he was questioned about WIlliam Ayers, and he immediately turned and attacked Clinton about someting her HUSBAND did!! Whaaaa?? What the hell did HILLARY have to do with pardoning two people who spent a LONG time in prison, unlike Ayers?? I commend BOTH of Taylor's pieces to you this morning.

And along THOSE lines, Uppity Woman has a GREAT piece at this morning on William Ayers. What an incredibly scary man he is. If you missed it when Clinton said this last night, Ayers said on 9/11 that he wished he had set more bombs. You heard me. He said it. And he is one of Obama's BFFs. No kidding. SO go take a look at the history of the Weather Underground in Uppity's post. Larry Johnson ALSO has one about the difference between HILLARY'S relationship to the Weather Underground (she didn't have one) and Obama's (he does have one).

All in all, Hillary is getting HIGH marks for her participation last night, and won over a BUNCH of Undecideds. She is head and shoulders above Obama, in my opinion. She has a mastery of the issues he cannot even DREAM of having. And she can TALK EXTEMPORANEOUSLY without stumbling and stammering al over herself! And she has real ideas, not generalities and worn out cliches. She made it abundantly clear last night - she IS the real deal. Obama? Not so much.

Oh - and people like Keith Olbermann? He was just freaking out. So was Rachel Maddow, whom I also used to like. And Stephanie Miller, whom I used to love. Yeah, they were not happy campers that someone actually asked The Chosen One some REAL questions!! Nope, not happy at all. Teehee! Ahem. I mean, really, that's kinda what htey get for setting him up when he had not been vested or tested. But I think if he had undergone more scrutiny earlier on, he would NOT even be in the running any more. Seriously. If anyone had bothered to really look at Rezko, Auchi, Ayers, Wright, et al BEFORE, he would be sitting in the Senate chamber right now instead of traipsing around Pennsylvania. So, Keithie Boy can blame only himself and the other MSNBO "journalists" for this latest turn. If they had done their jobs BEFORE, this would have been discussed before, they wouldn't have been all taken off guard, and they wouldn't be pitching their little hissy fits. Just sayin'. But, probably too much to expect that they might actually start doing their jobs NOW!! I know, HAHAHAHA!! I crack me up sometimes, too...

*****HILLARY WILL BE ON THE STEPHEN COLBERT SHOW TONIGHT!!***** If you can't stay up for it, tape it - he had put out an invitation to the candidates, and none of them have been on his show yet - until tonight!!! It should be interesting!


Mary Ellen said...

I just put up a post about the lies Obama told at the debate...the post is complete with a dancing clown. Just like Obama...a dancing clown.

I haven't listened to Air America yet, today. I usually listen to it in the car when I pick up my son from school. They are all crying on the Obama blogs about how there were no questions about substance. What debate were they watching? They talked about the economy, the war, foreign policy, etc. I think they were just shell shocked...they had the nerve to ask their "anointed one" tough questions! The brutes!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

No kidding - sure, the first part was abt the news stories out of late, and a lot of people have complained abt those, but really - shouldn't EVERYONE have known they were coming??? Seriously, people!

And yes, they did get to the issues, at least ONE of the candidates did, anyway. Oh, I just LOVED that Obama was only able to do the ditto thing once last night! Teehee!! He didn't look too smart when he couldn't cheat off of Hillary!

One more thing - the MS is running this headline abt Clinton saying Obama is electable - what she said VERY clearly was that it was important to make sure a Dem was elected, and if Obama is the nominee, she will work hard to make sure he's elected!!

Hillary has SO Much more class than Obama - really. She is so much more gracious than he could ever hope to be...

Mary Ellen said...

What really kills me, Amy, is that Obama has so much money to spend on his ads full of lies and he doesn't even have to bother with that since the media is doing it for him for free. Sometimes I wonder if we're in a communist country that only gives the information they want us to have.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Oh, I hear you loud and clear on that concern, Mary Ellen. I have been raging for months about the free air time he has been given. Time after time, he is allowed to go on and on and on for over half an hour on election day, when Clinton is giving 5 minutes, and then they cut away, EVEN IF SHE IS THE ONE WHO WON!! There is not a doubt in my mind that someone is pulling the strings to make him the Dem nominee. I have heard that GE really wants him because then McCain will win. It has a lot o do with the insurance aspect, as I understand it. And guess who GE owns? If you guessed the All Obama All the Time network (aka NBC/MSNBC), you guessed correctly!!! Oh - and they gave over a million dollars to Bush in 2000. Yeah. ANd we all know how well the media covered HIM when he was running!!!