Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Female African American Soldier Speaks Out

This was posted by Patsy at Hot Topics, It is a letter to Dean, Pelsi, and the DNC. I appreciate her unique perspective, one rarely heard through the MSM, her passion, and her position. And I thank her for her service to our country:

"The time for excuses are over. Today I will cross party lines. Today Nancy Pelosi & Howard Dean, I will ask from the Republican Party what the Democratic Party will no longer listen to or accept. The voice and the will of the people. Party affiliation never applies when the welfare of the nation and its people are at stake. And despite everything, and even when its all said in done, the lives of the people of our country is the true foundation of our nation. And when you take away the voice of the people and no longer have the ability to perform the duties & tasks that you were elected to do, that is when you need to step down. Because you are know (sic)longer able to execute, and you are no longer fit to run, and fufill the duties of your office.

I do this because it is no longer about what I want and what I need, but what is best for our country as a whole. United we stand, but divided we fall and I can no longer accept, justify or listen to excuses for and given by, Senator Obama, his associates, and supporters when they are creating racial divide among the American people.

You will hold Senator Barack Obama accountable. I refuse to watch this party allow Senator Obama to step on the backs of the American people to achieve his goal of getting into the White House. My will is strong and I would march to the White House if I could to prevent him from ever having a glimpse or stepping one foot into the Oval Office.

Step Down. You know longer are worthy of the positon that you hold. We, the American people deserve equality and fair, impartial treatment from our government officials we elect to these positions. You have shown bad judgement, and you have chosen to allow Senator Obama to condone racial and prejudice slurs against the American People and this country.

By not addressing this issue you have shown the people of our party and our country that you are willing to allow racism, prejudice and sexism to achieve a higher goal. You have chosen to ignore the evidence. You have chosen to ignore the videos. You have chosen to ignore the voices of the people. And you have chosen to support a racist. Step Down

I have listened to the negativity. I have listened to the name calling. I have had death wished upon me. I have watched you sacrifice my candidate. I have listened to people give justification for Rev Wrights racist words. I have watched. I have listened. But I will do so no more. Step Down

It is our right. It is our god given right, based on the blood, sacrifice, and lives of every civil rights leader from Martin Luther King to Rosa Parks, that have fought against racial divide so that we could have the chances they did not. And I will not be considered a "house ni** because I support Senator Clinton. By Senator Obama allowing that post to be on his Official Campaign site since February 14th shows me that he will allow his supporters to speak the words that he cannot say himself. And inadvertanly showing he feels the same way. For the sake of the american people. Step Down.

Senator Obama is not an asset. He is a liability with zero electability. Step Down

You sacrificed us. Taken the ability of Senator Clinton to defend herself in a biased media away by showing you stand behind Senator Obama. STEP DOWN!

Every piece of hate mail I have recieved via email after supporters find out that I am a military service member, a black one at that, who supports Senator Clinton will be given to the Republicans for ads if Senator Obama is the nominee. Every single email I have sent over and over to the DNC and Nancy Pelosi, and the newspapers pleading to give Senator Clinton the same treatment, respect, and the same playing field as Senator Obama will be in support of the Republicans in November. They will have the evidence this party chooses to ignore.

I do this because I deserve the right to not be insulted, and threat(e)ned for not supporting Senator Obama. I do this because we fight the enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan, but here we fight you. You have stopped listening. You have stopped caring. And you have lost the compassion neccessary for representing the people who elected you. For the sake of the American people and our country step down. And take Senator Obama with you.

This party has crossed the line by not holding him accountable. For allowing justification for words that have hurt so many. And to know that government officials endorse him, step forward and state to millions of viewers that this type of person is whats (sic) best for our country. Is astounding. His new form of politics that you have endorsed by not holding him accountable is called racial divide to achieve a goal. What you have done to this party and are attempting to do to this country is inexcusable and I would BEG my CURRENT commander in chief asking for support just to have every last one of you out of office, before I will ever support, or vote for Senator Barack Obama. STEP DOWN!!!"


greta said...


I read this earlier on your blog ( which is now off) and I had to track you down again, because I am just so blown away by your letter. It had me in tears. What a letter writer you are. You have put my feelings right in there. I know you speak for so many of us.

Thank you.

Hobbitt said...


Good for you! You are not alone.

Some white men feel the same way that you do. Obama is a dangerous, manipulative liar who has sullied the memories of King, JFK, RFK; he has set black against white, male against female, young against old; he has lied about damned near everything in his autobiography; he has lied about his CV, he has lied about his accomplishments, he has lied about every aspect of his life.

During this campaign, Hillary Clinton has had to fight against the main stream media, the internet bloggers, cable tv pundits, questionable caucus activities and results, shamefully skewed political polls, and the Democratic Party, and still she hangs in there. Obama has been given a free ride, and still the American people are not buying it.

If the Democratic leadership cannot see any of this, then they had best find jobs elsewhere. There may be some openings in Tech Support in India.

Or maybe not.

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Thank you both for your comments - I thought Patsy's letter was quite powerful.

Greta, as I understand it, Patsy is having trouble with her computer, and was having to call in (military) tech support for it. She said at that she might be offline for a bit. I'd check her site occasionally to see if she is back online.

Hobbitt, I couldn't have said it better myself. I agree 100%.

Suzanne Forster said...

Patsy, What a powerful letter. Thank you for your courage if the face of threats and calls for your death. God bless you for taking a stand and using your voice to speak out against the unspeakable abuses in this election. Abuses by the media, by far too many of our elected officials and by hit groups of Obama's radical supporters.

Your courage and conviction are an inspiration to us all. You have acted. Now the rest of us who believe as you do must act.

Reverend Amy, thank you for posting Patsy's letter.

Anonymous said...

Another straight shooter, no nonsense letter. very appropriate. Every words on your letter spoke my mind.

Thanks for speaking up.

It's time we need to do something to save the Democratic Party from itself.

Justmy.02 said...


Your eloquent and passionate letter outlines what many of us (black, white, latino, Asian) have longed to say.

We owe you a debt of gratitude, not only for your strong stance regarding this issue, but also for your service to your country.

Best of luck.

susannah said...

thank you for such a beautiful and powerful letter!

i have so many family members currently in the military, and many retired from service, and all say just what you have.

our country has been ripped apart by the democrats and their blantant distain for it's party members.

i am proud to have you speak the truth and i thank you for your service to this country!

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said...

Just so you all know, Patsy has a guest post at today (Friday, 4/11). Yet another good piece from her!